Daria Dragonscale x Silvershield Knight OP?!? || Splinterlands WILD RANKED Session (w/ commentary)

By knowhow92 | Knowhow | 10 Jun 2023

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Hope you're ready for some serious #Splinterlands #Ranked action everyone cause this episode is FULL of it!

Started in Bronze I, played 14 battles, only lost 2 of em and almost made it to Silver II before I call it a session! What happened in this 14 battles you may ask?!? PURE MADNESS!!!

I charged at my opponents using my favourite play in Splinterlands, the overpowered +2 Meele attack Daria Dragonscale x Silvershield Knight combo and broke my opponents defences with pure power!!!

Enjoy the show


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I am a passionate skateboarder from Greece who loves creating content related to skate, crypto and travel


I am a passionate skateboarder from Greece who loves sharing content related to skateboarding, travel and crypto. I am also the organizer of the worlds's 1st decentralized skateboarding community called "SkateHive" built upon Hive Blockchain.

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