Let's All Be Responsible Publish0x Members

Ever wondered if there would be a Publish0x icon or widget seen on every home page of the top platforms just like what we often see Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Reddit, Medium and YouTube to know the latest updates with their programs? This would mean exposure, established trust and creditbility to our dear blogging platform.

We need to attract developers here to connect to amazing authors, writers and content creators who often share the word to their followers on other blogging platforms they are currently using aside from publish0x. 

What do I mean about being a responsible member of Publish0x?


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Stop the spam. Recently, I have reported several comments posted with suspicious link right after the lousy sentences from several posts. I have seen those comments when I checked other amazing write-ups from my fellow authors and let them know I liked their posts. I clicked the report button from the comment I want to report and categorized it as spam. Glad to know that the admin of publish0x is also really prompt in taking action towards my concern.


I mean, we are all grown-ups and we should act in a mature way. If we tend to invite people from Twitter and FaceBook by spreading our Ambassador links, we should at least let our referrals know that they should also be responsible in publishing the contents they want to share. Quality of each posts is subjective. We know to ourselves if the content that we are gonna share is sh*t-post or not.

Be helpful, prove your worth, and connect genuinely towards fellow authors. We know for a fact that developers here would not really respond much but I clearly know they also make an effort tipping informative contents. Seeing relevant comments posted to our blogs makes us feel great and motivates us knowing we somehow captured interests of fellow amazing members too. By doing this, we are establishing a genuine connection to other people. In the long run, your will be able to remember their usernames and when you see them on the new posts section, dropping by is gonna be no drama at all.


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If you were able to see somebody posted a meaningful comment once or twice to your posts then it's a no brainer that you should somehow visit their posts and engage with them too. Hard thing to do? Duhh! You are not the center of the solar system. We need each other to co-exist in this blog-o'sphere. Yes, that's for everyone including the ones who are in the popular posts most of the time.

Multiple accounts. What are the reasons someone would make an effort to use a lot of email addresses? To abuse the tips of course. I just pity those people who do that! Well at least they level-up from begging and scamming other people! Hahaha! If one could create a living out of it then wishing you the best of luck. The system detects this form of abuse and I have seen one person who admitted that his payment was hold because of that. One would also might do this for ego tripping. You will create a post then yeah tip your own post using other dummy accounts and post comments how good you were etc. etc. I mean that is so sick! Clearly, you need to get out of here and do your thingie somewhere else.


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There are no ads here on publish0x that you can see from every corners of the screen because we are the ones posting the ads, campaigns, updates, and promotions. So we are given this freedom to do so and promote the platforms that we are currently working on. Do not somehow post your referral link here and use this platform for referral bonuses. You must at least create your own forecast of the program you are promoting a few months from now. Be transparent to say if the program you are promoting is a HYIP and not just a disclaimer. 

Censorship. Our posts might be deleted without prior warning. Yes, even though we want to dwell in a decentralized platform, we need to stop sharing hate posts, violence, rage, alcohol, gambling, discrimination, scam sites and of course porn. Please!!! Again, let us all be responsible bloggers. It's always fun to dwell in a peace-loving community.

The low earnings. Most members here would mumble, just like I did too, "I am just getting cents from my blogs". Who does not earn cents here? I do as well. But we should always remember that we are getting HYDRO Tokens and BNTY too. Hoping that the price would sky-rocket one day. I am keeping my Hydro Tokens now on my MEW. They are meant for the HODL and not for a drinking spree. I earn more here on Publish0x rather than on Steemit where I am so loyal as well. Here on Publish0x, my post would have a few hours to be on top of the new posts to be recognized by the other authors who would most likely give tips. Then if you are a developer or a paid promoter of a certain program, then you will have the same chance just like the other authors here. Check the number of views on your dashboard and you'll get surprised by the number of people who actually read our crafts. Definitely better than ads or banners we see on every websites. 


It's just a few days have passed and look at the number of views. Hello developers out there. Yuhoo! Talk about visibility.

Whenever I encounter a great opportunity to earn, I create a walk-through and a detailed explanation using publish0x. This way, I am able to promote the site to my fellow publishers here, and also publish0x to online earning groups that I have on facebook. I also include this tag-line whenever I promote this site to everyone not in a spammy way.

"Earn money while reading posts, Earn more when you create your own good read".

Who wouldn't want to earn in an easy way? Just reading? For sure, they'll be able to see their earnings on their dashboard accumulating. They will opt to reach the minimum cash-out so they will also try and post their own contents. Sweet! Right? Hahaha!

Once we published a post, of course we will check it on the "NEW" tab, and see how it would appear to the public. It will show the Title of our post, the first few lines in the body, and the cover photo. We need to make sure that the Cover Photo is catchy. Vibrant colors and Neon Colors are really eye-catching.


Just an example. This is a former Cover Image I have used promoting Banano.

Amazing photography, landscape, a close-up or macro views are also exceptional covers for your post. Too many words are insignificant and cannot be seen much if it appears like a large-icon thumbnail when being scrolled up. Make sure your cover is relevant to the title, if not then provide a few lines about the cover photo and why you chose it either at the top of your post or at the bottom as you cite your sources too. The title of your post should be short, intriguing, and a real wow! It will entice readers to check your content created with blast of efforts. The first few lines seen on the body should really catchy too. Power words, bewildering statements and astonishing thoughts should be read there. Check my shared contents later.

So, once were done with our blog, make sure to visit at least three other posts that also catches our interests from other authors listed and acknowledge their efforts too.


Check out publish0x sub-reddit account and Join the group!


With all these things considered, we are contributing a lot to the success of the platform. We should all help to make this site grow and not only the developers here. Do not hesitate to call their attention if you have something good in mind to offer, report, suggest and bring to their attention. 

At the end of the day, let's ask ourselves, have we been a responsible person? Not even online but in the real life. 

If you have vehement reactions, or anything that you would like to add do not hesitate to post it here as comments. Enjoy the rest of the weekend my dear publishers, developers, writers, and readers.

Follow me and do not go out phishing for tips. It is whole-heartedly given to deserving content contributors. Thank you for the support in advance.

This is a free-write and everyone is encouraged to share their own too!

Check out my other posts here.



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