I Love Posting Updates: Getting Notified When Somebody Or The Author Replied To Your Comment

I Love Posting Updates: Getting Notified When Somebody Or The Author Replied To Your Comment

For all community memmbers who are active in engaging with fellow Publish0x users, we will now get notified if somebody or the author himself responded to our comments. This progress of the platform is an indication that this is getting better each day. The recent advancement that is really evident in my blogging life here too, is the pop up that this particular member published a new post. This is seen along with the pop-ups that a user has given a tip to another member indicating the amount of BNTY Tokens as well.

I got notified when this fellow member who I have genuinely engaging with, just recently published a new post. Of course I know where to find her profile and just click one of my posts that I was sure she posted a comment on and see her newly-published post. Checked it out, sent a tip (of-course) and posted a meaningful and relevant comment. Just as I went back from watching a movie on YouTube, I was also checking my emails (Yes, I am a multi-tasker) and seen that I got notified for the first time that the author replied to my comment. The name is really indicated there. Here is a screenshot how we will get notified.


I am really happy to be the first one to share it here for everyone else to get updated and make the most out of its usefulness.

I was waiting for Niklas Spille-Scheich reply about my inquiry from his TAU Coin write-up and apparently I needed to refresh the page over and over again waiting for his message. I am so glad that he did, though I was not able to get an email about that, so I was glad to know that this update to get notified when somebody replied to your comment is now active and finds it very useful.

For more really significant updates, I am honored to share one of our developers who personally welcomed me here on my first ever post.


It is also a month-end report for March with the progress of this amazing platform which is constantly getting better from time to time. Please check his profile and his most recent post here:

Igor Tomić

Publish0x March Update


The things that I love from that update is the NEW Token that can also be shared in the form of tips so let's go ahead and find out what it is by checking our dev's update. Another one is the action taken from the posts that usually posted a lot of referral links to join the airdrop that plagues the platform and making it "milch cow". I admit that I was also guilty about this from my Binance Coin and Bitcoin Cash posts too. It is fine to give an insight about a particular program but please let us refrain from abusing the site's functionality to draw affiliates here. Let us just do that somewhere else or post a single link that draws members to your own page that the links are all posted there.

For everyone of us who are actively supporting one another here in this platform, we need to continue posting relevant and meaningful comments as a form of appreciation to the efforts of our fellow members. We may just comment "nice article" but it would be so much gratifying to the author knowing what part of the post captured us the most. A few seconds of typing will create wonders as friendhip could last forever. The tips that we whole-heartedly give also matter but this part won't create a mark in our blogging career here in this site. Friendship does!

The month of March is gonna end soon and looking forward for more exciting news about cryptocurrencies and online world of earnings that will be shared by our fellow active members. I will also be creating my own monthly progress report on how well I performed here on this site as a member.

Good luck to all of us and wishing us a successful career!

Thank you so much everyone for the support I am getting. I will continue to be a very responsible member of this platform and show a really good work ethics.

Follow me and let's rock this site in a good way!

This link will also be shared to my friends and the network I have built up in my cryptocurrency career. This is the link for everyone I will be sharing to, on how to be a part of this amazing platform where not only authors get rewarded, but also the readers as well.

Join now by clicking this link!

Afterwards, I will be more than willing to help you to have a great jump-start in this platform just like what I did here. Do not hesitate to let me know your inquiries as this site is tested-and-proven legit and paying.

For motivational purposes, I have created a post with my Cash-Out Request here on Publish0x. Check it out!


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