Way Out Of My Wheelhouse - My Submission to HARVEST FINANCE'S Creativity Contest

Way Out Of My Wheelhouse - My Submission to HARVEST FINANCE'S Creativity Contest

By kev_nag | kev_nag | 5 Apr 2021

Boy, this one is a stretch - I definitely am not the most creative kind of guy. But I figured, what the hell, I'll give it the old college try. With that being said, please be kind - don't let me hear you laughing from your computer screen to me here in New York. Well...here goes:

"A Farmer's Life"

A humble farmer, that's going to be me

it's all that I've ever dreamed to be.

Golden fields of harvest I hope to grow

so I can reap that which I sow.

I'll drive my tractor, endure the toil

drive all day to prepare the soil.

The soil is set, which seed to use

unique I choose, I'll plant some Muse.

I'll plant some Dudes, and maybe some Rope,

A great harvest I'll reap, I can only hope.

Noontime rings, lunchtime it's Sushi

I'm very tired, time to rest my tushy.


But the days not done, more work to do

What to plant next, I haven't a clue

I can't decide, I'm on the brink

Wait, I know I'll plant some Link.

Growing season wanes on I'm in a pinch

I find weeds growing within my 1 Inch.

Harvest time nears, much activity at the Farm

Everything looks great, no need for alarm.

A bountiful harvest dances in my head

Because for the People I want to supply bread

The harvest was large, there will be no strife

For the Farm provided me with a great life.


I hope you enjoyed this, or at least got a chuckle from it. It turned out to be fun doing this. Sometimes it's just nice to sit back and enjoy - life is too short not to.

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