Will Cryptocurrency Have A Bigger Role In The Future?
Will Cryptocurrency Have A Bigger Role In The Future?

By Kek | KEK | 26 May 2020

Will Cryptocurrencies have a bigger role in the future?
A very interesting question you can ask yourself is if cryptocurrencies will have a bigger part in the future, but what does that exactly means? 
I think that the question can be interpreted in many ways but in my opinion, does it mean "Will Cryptocurrency will have a part in society within the future?"
The biggest problem with cryptocurrencies
With a lot of cryptocurrencies and new startups every week you can recognize that the cryptocurrency market is to "big" to even fit in a society, think about this for a second! People lives would be very confusing if there were like 200 types of cryptocurrencies to pay your bills with and that is the sad truth, but does this mean that cryptocurrency will have no part in the future? NO!

The very important possibilities of cryptocurrencies 
I think the foundation of both Bitcoin and Etherum have high standards and that why I think that it can have a very big role in the future!
For example, does I have the feeling that the electric car "Telsa" will connect well with bitcoin because they are really into technology.
My biggest belief is that when more people start to understand the possibilities of cryptocurrencies, that you really can make money from it, then will the cryptocurrency market increase a lot. 

Things that can destroy the cryptocurrency market
Scams and other types of bad behaviour things are not good for the environment or the market because it will create a bad reputation witch will then lead to other people staying away and to create and operate business we need more people over to this branch.

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