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Justin takeover steemit


By Kavi | Kavya | 16 Apr 2020

There are lots of change happening in this year and one of the major change which was being noticed was about 'Justin Sun entry' in (a company registered in New York city and headquarter in Virginia ) also known for steemit blogging platform on steem blockchain which was bought by young Businessman and The founder of Tron (cryptocurrency) Mr. Justin Sun.

The question is then whats the big deal and so called breaking news which is highest point of discussion, but yes it is very important to know the current scenario about "steemit" a blockchain based blogging platform . 

Few month ago all the known crypto-news platform posted the news that about buying the by justin which was created good price hike in market of cryptocurrency but this news went to give impact in negative direction when justin started taking quick decision regarding steemit platform,related dapps and witnesses. As per different source of news , all the delegation accounts of witnesses got frozen without their consent ,implementing ideas to integrate tron based app to steemit platform to achieve target steemit users , planned to changed  conversion of steem power to steem from 13 weeks to 2 weeks .these all was happening without getting discussion from top witnesses of steem blockchain operator which was directly indicating that justin thoughts about steem is not fruitful and decentralisation but to control the whole ecosystem of these blockchain in centralised way to manipulate the platform according to his wish. 

This is notable point when we discuss steem that it was created to reward users without any ads , control , censorship as how the centralised platform like Facebook does but Justin wanted to reversed the steemit early slogan about decentralised platform to centralised platform .these all step of decision tasrnish the value of steem brand and its value in current market . 

after all, the impact was more revolutionary and the whole witnesses community decided to pull out from steem and forked side chain called "Hive " which is claimed fully decentralised and no control like how ned scott regulated steemit and sold it to justin with millions on steem coins which was delegated to different dapps developer .

Hive is a great platform which was born recently and now its free from all the controlling firm and it only can be run by witnesses which can be you or me one-day if we fully dedicated to Hive . 

 Justin sun, hopping you that not inject something bad which can put bad impact on such a great steem blockchain and your skill make it more successful to this platform. 

And Hive communities , make the hive better, progressing and successful in future. 


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