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Riftwatchers unofficial airdrop coming up and my renting bot is going strong

By karinxxl | karinxxl | 14 Oct 2022

Today I saw this announcement in Discord passing in the official Splinterlands channel about the upcoming airdrop regarding the Riftwatchers series next Thursday. I haven't seen it in any official posts as yet, but usually Discord is a decent info place. And I can understand that because of the HF from this week and dev work going on, that official official is not so attractive to do.

But let's get the hype going for a little bit here!

So how it my Riftwatchers status going on here? You guys all know I am a big fan of small cards series, but that I am also not a big players with endless funds so I am a bit dependent of what the market is willing to give and just make some smart decisions in it.


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Some math

So far I have bought 18 packs through the official channels which make me eligble for this airdrop. But I have also bought some more packs of the secundary market where they are a lot cheaper. A small comparison:

For an airdrop 'official' pack you need $5 worth of SPS and a voucher coming from the market. Nowadays vouchers are super cheap compared to a year ago when the hype was entirely on and 1 voucher will cost you 0.64 Hive or like $0.25 at the moment. Not the dealbreaker right?

But $5 worth of SPS feels like a lot. Ofcourse the price of SPS also fluctuates compared to usdt, so I have seen prices this week of 76 SPS per Riftwatchers pack, but have also seen 70 SPS per Riftwatchers pack.

If you are producing a lot of SPS you are having a blast, but I am just a small cookie in this one, so I also buy some packs off of the Hive-engine market. Here a pack of Riftwatchers costs you 9.1 Hive, which with the current price of $0.49 this still only $4.5 bucks versus the $5.25 of the official one including the voucher in there. airdrop off of that secundary market cards that is!


Decision time

So I still am in doubt every day what to do with these choices as I really want more Riftwatcher packs, because these high manna cards are a real killer when they are powered up and that is why they are really wanted on the market.

This is a hell of a brutal opening of a pack right? Especially Coeurl Lurker is a card people want to have so that is really cool, although I see that as a level 1 rental it isn't that succesful as yet.

When I look towards my rental account in terms of the amount of DEC that I am receiving on my collection, this is the winner to me on getting more packs.

Rent out half of your collection on the cards that you don't use, the bot puts them to work and you receive almost the amount of free DEC from the rentals. That is how I am collecting more cards and it is working like a charm.


I'm really looking forward to the airdrop next week. In the Chaos airdrops I did receive 4 Dr Blights at the time but that was with more than 100 packs of Chaos league cards. Now this is a lot less, so we are just goign to cross our fingers and see if anything is in there for us!

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A Dutch girl who lived in a lot of places writing about life, Covid, travel and some crypto amonst the daily stuff

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