What's up, Justin and TRON

By Kenzoo | Kanza Blog | 13 Jan 2024


January 13, 2024, we can say that the performance of Tron (TRX) is relatively stable with a few fluctuations.


As many people know TRON was created by Justin Sun, where there are more negative news than positive when discussing this one name. However, even though the world doesn't like him, his success should be recognized.

Serving as CEO of Huobi Global, elsewhere as an advisory board on Binance Exchange, and of course even though he is known as a plagiarist and fraudster he still actively promotes the TRON coin on various social media and is also a frequent speaker at various crypto currency conferences.

Returning to the issue of the existence of TRON coins, in terms of the current TRON price of around $0.074 USD, a little far below the predicted average price of $0.74 USD entering 2024.

But even though it is far from predictions, if you look and follow some of the increases in other crypto markets TRON has experienced a significant price increase since entering the beginning of the year, reaching a peak at $0.082 USD in January.

This price increase is clearly caused by bullish market conditions approaching the bitcoin halving period, and it is possible that it is also caused by several factors, such as increased activity on the TRON network, as well as the existence of several new project launches in the TRON ecosystem.


With such conditions, it means that adoption on the TRON Network continues to grow, where more and more projects are built on the Tron platform.

But again, we should always remember that one of the main concerns about TRON is its centralization.Many people dislike the fact that the TRON network is controlled by a small group of validator nodes.

So in general, TRON arguably also has good news that should be used as a reference as a crypto coin that is worth looking at in addition to other coins that may often be mentioned in several news and articles. Forgetting the negative side of the founder, at least TRON deserves to be part of the hope to contribute to the existing portfolio.

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