RollerCoin Season 2: Dark Star - A comprehensive guide

By Anfibio | Amphibious Thoughts | 9 Oct 2021

Rollercoin Season 2: Dark Start is here!

Being an avid player of Rollercoin, today I decided to talk about the introduction of Season 2 of Rollercoin.

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There were some nice features implemented in this Season, such as Lootboxes, a new coin, more prizes and some slick miners.
Lets dive into it!


For the most addicted players like me, the release of new in-game miners is always one of the coolest topics.
The devs implemented 20 new miners, and, thankfully, some of them ate quite easy to obtain, or, in other words, quite cheap to obtain.

The introduction of 10, 20 and 50 RLT (RLT is the in-game currency, used to buy items in the game's shop) Lootboxes was a very nice feature. I know that Lootboxes sometimes have a bad reputation associated, since some Lootboxes in other games were considered scams because the rewards often translated in the loss of the money spent, like spending money on a lootbox and receiving a rookie item. To me, this is not the case on the "Limited Galaxy Explorer Case I" "Limited Halloween Case" (20 and 50 RLT Lootboxes respectively) because even receiving the worst item, it can make up for the initial investment.

The "Lucky 500RLT Case" (10 RLT Lootbox) is a bit more tricky, because you spend RLT in order to earn RLT, which can turn out to be a bad trade.

Let's dive into each Lootbox!

According to Rollercoin's Blog, the 20 RLT Lootbox, or, more precisely, the "Limited Galaxy Explorer Case I" may award you one of the following miners:


One useful metric to measure the cost-to-power ratio is to divide the amount of energy of the miner by the cost of it.
The best miner available to purchase until this season was "El Monstro", which costed 90 RLT and provided 110 000 energy. This translates into 1111 Gh/s for each 1 RLT. Not too shabby. Now, back to the lootbox, as you can see, the worst miner is the "Shrumee", which provides you 1100 Gh/s for each RLT spent.

The Shrumee miner will also provide you 0,5% bonus power of all the power earned


Below you will find the cost-to-power ratio of all the miners of the "Limited Galaxy Explorer Case I":


Of course the worst miner possible only provides 22.000 Gh/s compared to the 110.000 Gh/s but as you can see the overall prizes of the "Limited Galaxy Explorer Case I" are quite good considerer that the worst that you can get a relatively cheap miner with the ratio of the "El Monstro" for just 20 RLT.


When it comes to the "Limited Halloween Case" (or, the 50 RLT Lootbox) the prizes step up a bit, either in power and drop chance:


By spending the 50 RLT the worst possible miner is the "Guts/Grum" with 40.000 Gh/s and a bonus of 0,5% of all power earned. However, those 50 RLT translates in a ratio of 800 Gh/s per RLT spent. Kinda meh in my opinion.


Analyzing all possible miners by its ratio:


The temping Pepperoni 10k will provide a massive 1.500.00 Gh/s by the cost of 50 RLT however do not forget that there is only a drop chance of 0,3% to obtain it. If you become a owner of this awesome miner, my congratulations to you! :) 

Besides being some of the cooler miners in-game, I don't think that it's worth spending 50 RLT on this lootbox since there is a 75% chance to obtain a miner that is not that great (from Grum to DJ Roller).

The third and last lootbox is the "Lucky 500 RLT Case". With this lootbox you spend 10 RLT to try to claim 500 RLT. However, to me, I feel that this is a waste of your precious RLT. Below you see the drop chances of each possible outcome:


As you can see, by spending your RLT on this lootbox, there is a 75% chance of getting a prize that is worse than your investment of 10 RLT.
Having a chance of getting 500 RLT is pretty sweet but since there is just 0,1% chance of getting it, it instantly puts me off.

Binance Smart Chain  (BNB coin)

Another great implement was the implementation of BNB coin.
In addition to the already available coins such BTC, ETH and DOGE, players from now on can choose to mine BNB aswell, increasing the amount of coins available to mine to a total of 4.
One thing that is still lacking is the minimum amount of BNB to withdraw. The Rollercoin developers haven't set yet the amount required. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

The devs say that they wish to release a new coin every season:

"Our plans for the future are very ambitious and we believe that it is possible for RollerCoin – We want to add a new coin to mine in the game WITH EVERY NEW SEASON!" - RollerCoin

Personally, I will still mine other coins in the meantime.


Now the saddest part...

Dr.Hamster was one of the best games to farm energy and it has suffered a energy reduction of -50%. This truly is a hard blow, especially after the power reduction of Coin Match and Coin Flip in Season 1. 

"Dr. Hamster was way too overpowered, compared to other games, while the Crypto Hamster was undervalued in power, considering how hard this game could be sometimes." - RollerCoin

To make it up, RollerCoin's team increased the power of Crypto Hamster by +40%. I truly hate Crypto Hamster with a passion, it is a nerve-wrecking game after you reach level 5. Not cool RollerCoin! At least release some new games!



There are also new prizes to claim for 60 days, which, in my opinion are way better than Season 1. There are 5 exclusive Dark Star miners for players who purchased the Season Pass and 2 free miners for the players with a Free Pass - one of them, being "El Monstro"!


In order to claim these prizes the amount of XP from quests were also increased. In Season 1 one just had to achieve 100 XP to level up his Pass and receive an award and now it is required 140 XP. I consider this another nerf just because one of the quests requires you to spend 40 RLT every week! Quite a huge sum if you ask me.



Last but not least, RollerCoin will implement a Marketplace. The Rollercoin's Blog doesn't explain this clearly however I think will work similarly to the Weekly Offers on some miners. Upon visiting the Marketplace page, you will have a page just with a "Coming Soon". In the blog it is explained that "Marketplace will be released soon, when the economics will have some adjustments."


Final Thoughts

While I am excited to this season of RollerCoin, thanks to the new miners implemented and possible rewards that come from the weekly quests, I feel that the nerfs made the game a bit worse. 

Dr. Hamster was one of the quickest and most profitable games to play along with Cryptonoid and getting that game reduced worries me as it follows the trend from the Season 1. I wonder if more nerfs will happen in Season 3, possibly Cryptonoid getting nerfed too. Even improving the power of others games, the truth is that the Crypto Hamster is a frustrating game. I wouldn't mind the nerfs if new games were released though. And to me, THAT is the main point of RollerCoin: play games, having fun.

What are your thoughts about this Season? Excited? Disappointed? Tell me in the comments below what do you think!

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More importantly: Have fun!

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