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By Anfibio | Amphibious Thoughts | 4 Oct 2021

Hi everyone. I decided to share with you some games where you can earn some crypto while having fun.

These games won't ask you for an initial investment, other than your time.

They won't pay you a lot, but its something - especially if you are getting started!



A mobile app similar to the Poke Stations in Pokemon Go. Users can look for spots around the globe for some easy nano coins! There are some spots that are global to everyone on the planet (e.g: Pacific Ocean) and even on your own continent. Players can also set up their own spot to give other players some NANO. 

Keep in mind that spots available rely heavily on the cities nearby. For example, living in a major capital or city will have more stations to claim than living on the countryside.

This one is great when you travel!


The app is available on for iOS and Android, on their respective app stores.

Blockchain Poker


Like the name suggests, its Crypto Poker! You are given a small portion of satoshis and then try your luck by climb up the ranks and entering tables with higher prices. 

Please keep in mind that this is very similar to gambling. Please play responsibly and keep away from this if you have - or had - a gambling addiction.


Available on

Nano Quake


Being a FPS lover, this is one of my favorites games out there. You just set up you NANO wallet address, pick a username and start killing other players! For each kill you get some NANO in your wallet.

For reference, being the winner of a round (25 kills) will earn you 0,00125 NANO.

While the game is a bit limited, it reminds me of the old school shooters I used to play when I was young. Besides, imagine complaining about receiving free crypto, right?


Available on




This one is a bit controversial. NANO Browser Quest is a RPG style game. You start with a simple sword killing rats and end up with heavy armor, a magic sword and killing a boss. Nothing new here, pretty straight forward. NANO Browser Quest will pay you for each mini-quest completed, for instance, killing enemy "X" 10 times or "Discover Location Z". However, this game only lets you claim the NANO earned when you defeat the final boss.

Aaaaand the maximum amount is capped at 0.00135 NANO.

It has everything to be a top game but the amount of time required to finish the game doesn't make it that great. 

Available on 

Crypto Royale


Remember that game where you face an opponent in a circle on the ground and you must drag him out? This one is a minigame just like that. You will have a ball that must compete with other players to be the last one exiting the circle.

The game also features a 3 color collision mechanism. Basically, during mid-game, you will be able to make your ball either Red, Blue or Green. Since Blue beats Red, Red beats Green and Green beats Blue, you must choose wisely which color you want to be in order to beat your opponents. The winner receives some ROY.

This one is a very quick and fun one.

Available on: 

While I know that there are many games out there that pay you higher amounts of crypto I decided to share with you some games for the most casual of us. 

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Have fun!

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