HORIZEN Faucet - Earn ZEN with multipliers

By Anfibio | Amphibious Thoughts | 3 Oct 2021

For all those who like to use faucets, allow me to introduce you HORIZEN Faucet.

ZEN is one of the privacy coins such Monero. Currently ZEN is ranked as the #103 coin on CoinMarketCap and #109 on CoinGecko by market cap.

Since I use Brave browser (which blocks all ads and trackers), the website is displayed with a very clean look, without pesky or abusive ads.

This faucet just requires you to validate a captcha every 20h to claim some ZEN coins. The effort associated in minimal as it takes you 10 seconds everyday to solve the captcha. The wallet address in linked to your faucet's account so that you don't need to copy and paste your wallet address every time you wish to claim the zennies. The withdraws to your wallet are also automatic.

On top of that this faucet allows you to multiply your daily earnings through some mechanisms such as:

  • Using Brave browser to claim (+20% bonus)

  • Linking ZEN's official wallet to the faucet (x1,5 bonus)
  • For each consecutive daily claim (x2 on day 6. On day 5 you get a change to win 0,01338198 ZEN)
    Claiming each day in a row earns you more ZEN

  • Linking your email and social media accounts (x0.2 - x1 - x1,2 and x1,9)

  • HODLing your coins in ZEN's official wallet also gives you a bonus according to the amount you HODL (x0,8 - x1 - x1,1 - x1,25 - x1,5 and x3)

    Keeping your ZEN will earn you even more ZEN

In order to claim some ZEN you will need a wallet that supports ZEN coin.

I use Horizen official wallet, called "Sphere by Horizen" in order to activate one (or two) of the multipliers. The more coins you hold there, higher the claims will be each day.

While claiming some Zennies won't make you rich in the long run, it may eventually add up due to the minimal effort associated with the claims.

I hope this article encourages you either to know more about ZEN or to earn some ZEN coins.

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