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By Anfibio | Amphibious Thoughts | 4 Aug 2021


RollerCoin is a mining game simulator where users can can play mini-games to earn cryptocurrencies. Being a mining simulator you are not using real energy/electricity like we see with Bitcoin miners. The power the game uses is called “Hash Rate” and it is earned by playing the minigames available. The more games you play, the bigger your Hash Rate which in turn will translate in increased gains.

The coins that can be earned are Proof of Work coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and DOGE coin.


In order to “mine” the coins one must allocate how much power from the Hash Rate should be used to mine each coin. Say you have 100,000 power. You can either choose to invest all of it on BTC, 50%/50% on BTC and ETH or 33%/33%/33% in each coin.

Since there is a different number of users mining each coin, the returns are linked to the amount of people mining a block. Having 7000 user mining BTC may provide you less income than 1000 people mining DOGE coin. One of the most common strategies is to allocate power to the less mined coin in order to maximize your earnings.

Users can also mine the RollerCoin Token (RLT) which functions as an in-game currency used to buy miners in the game. Whereas minigames will only provide you with a findable amount of energy that lasts for 7 days, miners are fictional GPU that will provide you a permanent Hash Rate that are yours to keep. Basically, at this point is where the passive income comes in. 

For the most rushed players who do not wish to play minigames, there is also the option to purchase directly from the shop, the amount of RLT required to buy the miners.



There is a total of 10 minigames available to play such tetris, memory-match, 3-in-a-row, pong and others. Each minigame provides you a different amount of Hash Rate. The difficulty of each one will increase as you win it multiple times but so does the Hash Rate (basically, more difficulty = more power earned)

The most efficient games to play are the tetris version (Dr. Hamster) and the memory-match (Coin-Flip). Filler games such as 3-in-a-row (Coin-Match), pong (Cryptonoid) and a Super-Mario/jumping Token Surfer are good to farm when the best 2 games are on cooldown.

Token Blaster is also a good choice to farm Hash Rate but extremely difficult past level 6.

The amount of power you earn in the minigames isn’t yours forever to keep. It only lasts 7 days as mentioned  previously. If one wins 10 000 Hash Rate on the first day of the game, goes on vacation and comes back after 2 weeks there will be a 0 Hash Rate upon return.



Miners will enable the so desired passive income. Once you get some miners you can skip playing the minigames and rely exclusively on the permanent Hash Rate. One can then choose the strategy from here on. Keep on playing minigames to maximize your potential earnings or sit back away from the game for a while and rely exclusively on the earnings provided by the miners.

There are many miners in the game and, as mini-games, they provide a different amount of power. I recommend not spending your RLT on the cheapest miners and save it for expensive ones on special events such as Christmas or Halloween. During this events new special miners are released and there is discounts on the old ones.


Sing In using my link and earn 1000 satoshis of BTC upon registration: https://rollercoin.com/


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