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Monero makes transactions on Haveno fast, cheap and completely private.

All connects between Haveno peers run through the Tor network

Haveno aims to be easy to use especially for non technical people.

There is no central authority. All trades are P2P between users.

You, and you only, have control of the keys of your Haveno wallet.

Haveno aims to grow Monero’s community and mature its software.


Haveno is a fork of Bisq but brings several improvements over Bisq:

Bisq doesn’t offer strong privacy to its users and has had multiple issues which resulted in the privacy of their users being compromised.


  • Bitcoin lacks fungibility and privacy, every transaction and address on the blockchain is easily traceable. Anybody can verify when and with whom a Bitcoin user transacted with and the amount.

  • It is trivial to identify which transactions came from Bisq on the Bitcoin blockchain because of this, the privacy of Bisq traders is compromised.

  • Through the gatekeepers of centralized exchanges your Bitcoin from Bisq can be ostracized because the competition of P2P decentralized exchange will not be tolerated. You will be shotgun KYC’d as you have already sacrificed your keys.

  • The BSQ token is transparent as BTC, when used to pay transaction fees on Bisq a correlation can be made to link a specific user with a transaction.

  • Haveno devs found a vulnerability in Bisq, which until it’s discovery allowed malicious actors to harvest payment information like bank accounts, names and home addresses of Bisq users.


Haveno is Cheaper

Bisq is based on Bitcoin and inherits it’s historically high transaction fees, which are added to trade-fees on the platform.

Haveno is based on Monero, allowing traders to take advantage of very low transaction fees resulting in more convenient trades, especially for low amounts.


How to install Haveno




Sign into or create a Github account

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select your Operating System




Click the executable for Windows, the deb extension for Ubuntu and I guess DMG for Mac.

Easy Peezy lemon squeezy







The reason I’ve never used Bisq was because of the barrier to entry, you needed to already own Bitcoin to participate in a buy offer with Multi-Sig. So say you wanted to buy Bitcoin, well your going to need to have some Bitcoin already for Escrow BTC deposit which can be 20% of the buy amount. This vets real buyers and enforces honest behaviour. But your telling me I can’t buy Non-KYC bitcoin unless I already have KYC bitcoin?





Did you know Bisq2 is out? What the difference between Bisq and Bisq2 well Multi-Sig is out for now, enter Bisq Easy. The barrier of already owning Bitcoin is gone and instead a reputation system has replaced it.







How do you build reputation?


  • Burning BSQ

  • Setting up a BSQ bond

  • Importing the Account age from Bisq 1

  • Importing the Signed account age from Bisq 1


Bisq Easy uses 10,000 as the min reputation score. Sellers that meet this requirement will be able to have their offers taken from buyers. Sellers that do don’t meet this requirement will not be able to have their offers taken from buyers. So the token that traces a user and their transaction is to be burned to build my reputation score? So instead of owning Bitcoin to transact on Bisq now I need to acquire an even more obscure token that I need to acquire from the Bisq 1 client. But to be fair this isn’t even the part that grinds my gears the most...








I Don’t Want to set the World on Fire


All the pegs and custodial solutions are there for Bitcoin's bright future as current Bitcoiners are daft to the neutering of their network that is no longer fuck you money. You can be censored, you will have to ask for permission for your clean Bitcoin to be verified in the Mempool and for those of you willing or unwilling to pay your capital gains taxes. It doesn’t matter, it’s all there on the blockchain.





If you have skin in the game the decentralized options are there for you to escape Big Brother but the only way 1984 comes to fruition is that the majority consents. Join me in the rebellion where we are teaching home schooled children decentralized protocols and parallel communities as we create a truly free society.














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A private matter is something one doesn't want the whole world to know, but a secret matter is something one doesn't want anybody to know. Privacy is the the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world. Therefore, privacy in an open society requires anonymous transaction systems. An anonymous system empowers individuals to reveal their identity when desired and only when desired; this is the essence of privacy.

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