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The Desert of the Real

8 Aug 2020 4 minute read 0 comments Ino

    I’m going to take you down a rabbit hole… por favor señores y señoras. Indulge me. This analogy has to do with the Matrix mythos and I would slowly get to my point at the end of my non-convoluted explanation. In Reloaded it is established that Ne...

Wearing a Mask in the West going against the grain

12 Jun 2020 3 minute read 0 comments Ino

    Just before the panic for toilet paper swept my area I was searching for a N95 mask to protect myself however it was already too late. I ended up buying a half mask respirator the kind with the gas mask cartridges. Up until this point I'd been go...

Attention Customers Cash is Not King and is No longer Accepted

7 May 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Ino

  You've probably come as across a sign that says "Due to COV-19 we will no longer be accepting cash as a form of payment only debit and credit cards." Like most pretenses due to quarantine people's health and safety are cited as the reasons for remo...


Bill Gates thinks AI taking everyone's work is a good thing, it's an inevitable process that will make humans more efficient

24 Sep 2020 Uruburus

24 September 2020
Bill Gates is not your friend look into Agenda 22 people like him are working towards a world where are all resources are consolidated and there are only the 1% and the rest of us own nothing, ride our bikes in cities, live in government subsidized housing and private ownership becomes a thing of the past. You may have free time but what good is it if your life is more restricted then ever.

The No-Brainer Backup Plan: Using Cryptocurrency for Gasoline & Groceries in a Hyperinflation

5 Jul 2020 Final Sigma

05 July 2020
You gotta be a true hodler for this scenario to play out, I wanted to liquidate my BTC but doing so at the time would've been a loss for me. You could easily find yourself in the reverse situation. Make sure you provide for your basic needs if you have excess invest as hedge and only as that because BTC favors the patient.

The Good and Bad of BlockFi: Generate Income From Your Coins That Can't Be Staked

27 Jun 2020 Wantandable

28 June 2020
The APY on stable coins is 8.6% for BlockFi if your looking for 12% YouHodler is the way to go.

PlayStation 5: Sony reveals PS5 console

12 Jun 2020 KdGamerHub

12 June 2020
It looks like Playstion 4 and Xbox One had a baby lol!

The hidden truth about

10 Jun 2020 Heruvim78

11 June 2020
Two things I wished I'd known before I staked was: that the card is credit card that spends crypto and is the card available in my country (It's not). The 50 MCO is not worth it unless you have the time to wait or the money to invest.

Is it wrong to want a break?

30 Apr 2020 Wizkid

30 April 2020
Take some time for yourself and don't feel bad about it. These are stressful times compounded with the ones you love getting on your nerves. Your mental well-being is especially valid in quarantine every good father loves his children and does his best for them which is always enough.

Bitcoin is the Future, Not Gold

22 Apr 2020 CryptoOwen

23 April 2020
Bitcoin is a zero sum game either your going 10x or nothing. It's also temporary it may exist in the future but when the whales sell it won't recover! Your an optimist and gambler when you speculate on Bitcoin.

Imagine If We Chose One Crypto

14 Apr 2020 Scanova

14 April 2020
Crypto is the beginning of the end. Your proposal will come true but not by the people but by the 1%. Everything we feared with Libra will happen. Internet was free but then centralized with a few major sites all other made irrelevant. Crypto started free and was centralized with Bitcoin as cornerstone if Bitcoin fails all crypto currencies fail. One world currency hopeful not in our lifetime but I doubt it.

Convid19 and the lies we are being told. Pt1

25 Mar 2020 canadians4crypto

25 March 2020
I would ask for your qualifications but it doesn't matter I know the truth when I hear it. Well said!

You Have No Excuse!!

24 Mar 2020 Scanova

24 March 2020
You are born naked and helpless and you will die in more less the same way. Even your article suggests helping someone out. FOUNDATION gimme sum more!

If Bitcoin Reaches $1 Million This Means It Failed, Here's Why

9 Mar 2020 Nek1d

10 March 2020
You bring up a good point about Bitcoin being valued in $ in the event of a global financial collapse who will Bitcoin be valuable to, can it be bartered for good and services and if a pump and dump can break the value was this just a speculative asset all this time. I was sold on a revolution but I may have been bamboozled. Insightful article nicely done.

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Monero and Decred are the new Bitcoin

26 Sep 2020 3 minute read comments john3

  When I first became aware of Bitcoin, it was a revolution. It seemed immediately clear that it would cause major disruption to the status quo or be suffocated in its infancy. This was in early 2013, so it was already going for four years, but the...

Defective By Design: the Failure History of Google Pixel phones

14 Sep 2020 4 minute read comments Luca B

After dipping their toes in the smartphone market with the LG and Huawei-manufactured Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, in 2016 Google took a decidedly more hands-on approach launching their first in-home developed mobile device - the Google Pixel. Since then,...

The Ten Commandments of Crypto

11 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments Buzzbeeg

I. Thou shalt not put any other cryptos before Bitcoin; study Bitcoin, own Bitcoin, understand Bitcoin before venturing into Alts. II. Thou shalt feel 100% comfortable with your crypto wallet before storing a large amount of coins on it. III. Thou s...

A "Security" Paranoia

4 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments Jelly Fish

Today I opened my Celsius Network app to copy a deposit address from there -- and guess what?! The app asked me to change my pin code from a 4-digit one to a 6-digit one!!!1 "WTF?!", you might ask, "What's your problem?" Right, it's not a big deal, a...

Unbanked - How to Talk to Your Kids About Cryptocurrency?

8 Jul 2020 4 minute read comments BryRi

During father's day, I wrote a quick post with some last minute gifts for the father figure in your cryptoverse: At the time, I wanted to dive a little deeper into the...

What is Uniswap

6 Jul 2020 8 minute read comments D3F1

Uniswap describes itself as an “Automated Liquidity Protocol” on its homepage. Put simply, it is a decentralized exchange protocol that allows users to swap ERC20 tokens in a trustless manner or add liquidity to the protocol reserves to earn a commi...

Sunrise after lockdown

26 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments PantheraNegra

Walking at sunrise It's winter here and after several months of lockdown, working from home, and government restrictions, we are finally allowed out to walk in some beautiful national and private parks. Entry numbers are limited so you have to get th...

Covid. Mask in public PLEASE

25 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments PABarb

I am taking a break from Alphabet Soup to discuss as a clinician in the front lines and cancer patient my concerns about Covid.  this is a public health crisis like it or not.  It is our responsibility as fellow beings to put aside politics and agree...

Unlimited Possibilities - Overcoming Our Ego

14 Jun 2020 3 minute read comments Bryan Divisions

  Our ego is our sense of identity in this world, and is used to understand who we are in comparison to who we are not. As an innate aspect of the human being, the ego serves primarily as a tool for surviving and making sense out of the world an...


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