Swapping your BAT from Brave without using an (Uphold) Wallet

Sometimes the answer is right in front of you....staring you in the face....and you, or in this case me, are making things much more complicated than they need to be.

Maybe you are doing this already for years...as mentioned it´s really simple and easy, but well here we go.

So I got this friend on NoiseCash that reached out to me:

Are you still using BAT tokens on Brave? I want to get rid of them but don't want to use the uphold, is it possible that I can tip them to you and you send me equivalent amount in either flexUSD or BCH? Only asking you since we know each other for some time now.


Now, normally when people start asking me those types of questions my silent alarms start ringing. But @nomadghada is good people, which in this case makes the difference.

What´s in it for me?

So should I accept this offer? For those that read more of my Baby bs, I am using Uphold and I have been buying BAT in the past. I also am a Brave user and I think BAT has a bright future. Still when this bear market ends what will be the right investment BAT or BCH? BAT has an ATH of$ 1.92 and sits at $0.81 cents vs BCH which reached $1350 last year and now sits at less than $300. 

Based on those numbers BCH looks like the better bet in the long run as it has a possible 4X during the next bull run. But in Jan 2021 BAT was at 17 cents and BCH pretty much at the same price it is today. As BAT is up 4X in this timeframe and BCH is still steady, there is also a case to be made that the upside potential for BAT is much higher.

For me, the fact that I accepted the offer was much simpler. First of all, I am holding hardly any BAT as I sold them during the peak in Nov. and I am holding enough BCH and making more daily to diversify a bit more and add some BAT. Secondly, it´s nice to help a virtual friend and thirdly I am always in for a new little experiment.

Now how does it work?

How does his BAT end up with me without using an Uphold (Gemini) wallet? Well, use BAT as it´s intended to be used, to tip content creators. So you go to the page owned by the person you like to tip. Click the BAT symbol next to the URL and hit the Tip button.


You can Tip 1, 5, or 10 BAT and from that 1 BAT 0.95 BAT ends up with the creator, hence Brave is claiming a 5% fee.


Now, I probably spoiled the clue of this story already, but how do you become a verified content creator according to Brave?


Well it´s pretty easy you can for example just use your Youtube channel or Twitter account to sign up at https://creators.brave.com/


Sign-up, and make sure to connect your uphold wallet and verify that using the confirmation email.


That was the part I was stuck for a minute, as I set up everything, all was looking good but I still did not show as verified because I did not confirm in the Uphold email.

Basically, that´s it. If you want to try it out be my guest:


You will see that ✔️checkmark symbol in the BAT logo marking that this is a verified user.



 Now the minimal amount is 0.25 BAT, but I accept a whole BAT as well 😁


So I got my friend's BAT and I did not pay him the BCH!

Nope, that´s no joke, he didn´t receive a cent from me.....yet.

And that is the next part, this is of course all based on trust between friends and or family.

You can convince your friends or your mom to start using the brave browser and reward you every month when they are not into crypto. It can add on nicely. Because many of us are adding on bits and pieces here and there while waiting for the next run...and for those of us, this might be just the way to quickly make 10 dollars from your Fams browsing. 

BTW the reason why my friend has not been paid yet is that I need to wait for 24hrs to change my default sending address as all my BCH is in the celsius wallet.

Bottom Line

Yes I know getting the BAT out of my Uphold wallet will cost a bit, but as mentioned in my other article if you first transfer it to for example BCH the total fee is like 10 cents. That includes the swapping fee and the Network withdrawal fee of 0.0003 BCH.


And those fees I had to pay anyway, but the good thing is that they again removed the $2.99 flat-rate fee that I mentioned in my previous article:

Withdrawal your BAT Rewards from Uphold without High Gas Fees



Now you all know I am not here to make money I am in it for the Tech, but before people start asking if I can do them the same favor.....the answer is YES BUT:

There is a big But because I like Big Butts. The but is this: because there is a risk as BAT is less stable than BCH, and it will take me time and effort this is the deal:

For anyone who is sitting with a bunch of BAT in his/her wallet and is not willing to sign up with those Uphold peeps (which I fully understand), I offer to pay you 66,6% of the value of your BAT in BCH. Not sure if anyone is interested, but I can imagine scenario´s in which this might be interesting so that´s why I put it out there... 



Oh, and my virtual friend just asked me for any updates.....I told him he had to wait another 90 minutes trust is a hard thing in this virtual world I get that. So that´s why my offer is not too good to be true.



Swap was completed, IDK about the Awesome part....but at least I am honest....which counts for something in the crypto-verse, right?

Hope you enjoyed the read, feel free to hit that like button 👍 and have a lovely rest of your day!

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There is more to Bitcoin Baby

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