Withdrawal your BAT Rewards from Uphold without High Gas Fees

So for a long time, I had no clue how to withdraw my BAT rewards to a wallet without paying Gas Fees but in the end, I figured it out.

I thought I was the last person on earth figuring it out so I never planned on sharing... till I met someone this week that also did not know how to do it. 


So to help him out and possibly others here we go:

Step 1 - Log in to Uphold

Log in open your Brave Browser card and select send


I will select Bitcoin Cash (BCH) because of it´s low fees- But Looking at those fees again BTG might be the cheapest option.


So scroll down till you see Bitcoin Cash



You will need to use a legacy BCH adress


Now I have been doing this in the past but I never paid that withdrawal fee. But it seems that at least since Oct 2021 there is a flat rate withdrawal fee of $2.99 this applies to all withdrawals hence also to BCH. You will need to use your Authenticator APP and conform the 6 digits.


And that´s all.



The transaction was completed within 20 minutes.



So I was a bit supprised by the withdrawal fee because I did this 2 times before and never paid it. Last time was November, although as mentioned this fee existed prior to November. So if anyone can explain why I did not pay that fee before that would be great.


But at least you are now only paying a 3 dollar fee and not a $10+ on Dynamic Network fees as you would moving it to BAT directly.



I just got this comment and checked it and indeed it seems that sending it from Uphold to your bank account is without fees. 6207c47c32e16f7faf0d44368e3f114c9a77f5e0cde794116eb4ae4dbe192c58.png

Thanks, @Kryptoanfänger I will test it once I reach the $10 as that is the minimum to be withdrawn.


Hope that is an easy way to save yourself some money in fees.

And if you are looking for other easy ways to get some free crypto

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BitCoin Baby - "Crypto is Fun"

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