10 Tips to get more out of your Brave BAT Rewards

Normally it´s BitcoinBaby, but today it´s BATBaby, and have I got Tips for you!

There are a couple of tricks to get the biggest Bang out of your BAT. I have listed them down below with a link for more details where needed.


1) On a new tab, click on the Brave symbol near the search bar. Click on "Rewards Settings". On Ads, click on "Ads Settings" (it is a button to the right). Set "Maximum number of ads displayed" to "10 ads per hour".


2) This one is not consistent. But sometimes it seems that if I do not touch my computer for around 90 seconds after receiving a pop-up ad, it is more likely for Brave to give me 0.025 BAT for it instead of 0.01.

3) Open a new tab. If you refresh the page 4 times, usually you will see an ad on the new tab page. You will be given 0.01 BAT for this ad. You can usually do this 4 times in a row (for a total of 16 refreshes and 0.04 BAT) before there is a "cool-down" period of various lengths of time (sometimes 1 hour; sometimes 8 hours). 


4) When you step away from your computer, leave a Brave tab open. As soon as you come back, there is a good chance that you will immediately be given a pop-up ad, and you will be able to complete step 3.

Brave Settings

5). Make sure to switch of the auto contribute option to ensure your BAT does not end up at affiliate sites.


BRAVE Wallets

6) Don´t pay high fees for sending your BAT from your UPHOLD Wallet. Swap your BAT for BCH to pay the lowest fees for sending your BAT from Uphold. For More Details: Withdrawal your BAT Rewards from Uphold without High Gas Fees

7)  If you don´t plan to swap your BAT for crypto Uphold has no fees for withdrawals to your (SEPA/FPS) bank account. Hence within EU and UK in the US there is a $3.99 fee.



Tipping BAT

8) Ask your family to use Brave. They do not need a wallet they can just use their rewards to Tip your YouTube or Twitter account. Or they can tip it to mine: https://twitter.com/Tegendraads_69

For More Details:   Swapping your BAT from Brave without using an (Uphold) Wallet

9) If you got BAT but no Wallet to keep it who are you gonna call? BAT Baby!

In a previous article, I wrote that those readers who were earning BAT rewards but for whatever reason did not have or want an Uphold or Gemini wallet could tip my YouTube or Twitter and I will pay them 66.6% of the BAT value in BCH. I called it a devilish deal and had doubts if anyone would respond.


But I got some great deals out of it. Here are a couple of examples.


It all ain´t much but all little bits help, especially during a bear market.


And I even have a sale pending. 


I am glad to see this idea is working out well for both parties, so if you need to get rid of your BAT you now know how.

10) Tips from the readers:


And this next one only works on my mobile and as I receive a lot of Brave pop-ups I will not update my Brave on the laptop, but it worked on my mobile.


I hope my tips make you a bit more BAT during this wonderful bear market, it might not be much now 40 cents per BAT, but during the next bull run each of those BATs can be worth $1.60. A little 4X just for hodling free crypto.

Have a lovely day, remember that hitting the like button is one of the few free things in life, and hope to see you tomorrow.


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There is more to Bitcoin Baby

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