My first day at Splinterlands!

By irussher | irussher blog | 31 Dec 2020

Hello there! The other day I was reading about crypto in this very same blog and I found a post about an interesting game called Splinterlands, I've played a few crypto games before, but Splinterlands has something I like a lot and its cards! Its a card based game. 


It has their own crypto token called DEC (Dark energy crystal) that you get for every win and completing quests and achievements.

The game looks  very simple but its a bit more  complex of what it  looks like. Every card has a price that you can sell or buy in  the market, you can buy packs of cards , trade, there are tournaments, guilds, airdrops and a lot more! So I thought hell yeah let's play!

I opened an account and saw I had to buy the Summoner's Spellbook in order to change my username and get a daily quest, it cost 10$ so once again I thought why not. 

I bought it and stared my very first combat, (you can play without buying it).


Each battle is different from the previous one, you can run up to 6 cards per battle.

The more you advance into the game you will find new rules applied to the battles making them unique!


These are the available summoners you got at the beginning, each of them has his unique set of cards, there are more than the ones below but I don't have them yet :D They have different bonuses that will affect your monster cards or debuff the enemies.

splinternlands summoners

Once you select one you get to pick your team, in this case I'm going to pick the Green guy (Nature element).

Monsters splinterlands

At the right we see

  • Our max mana for the fight
  • Our selected summoner
  • And our monsters spots to fill.

At the top we can see

  • A timer , you got 3 minutes per battle to make the preparations. 
  • Rules for the fight
  • The available summoners for the fight. (Rules may affect to some of the battles)


Once we got our team ready we click on battle,  and we will load an arena. Everything is automated and you don't have to do anything during the fight. 

The battle result is instantly determined, you got two options, watch the fight or go straight to the end and see if you win. You can do this at any point, I like to watch the fights so most of the time I just use the x3 speed and enjoy the "gameplay".

Splinterlands fight


Once the battle finishes you get rewarded with DEC the more you climb in their league system the bigger the rewards will be

Winner results Splinterlands

I'm just starting my adventure at Splinterlands ill bring more content soon explaining how the cards works! Im a Hearthstone lover and I used to played a lot, this game looks so promising to me and I'm buying a couple of packs of cards a week! Hopefully soon ill be able to reach Silver League :D 

Let me know your experiences at Splinterlands guys.

If someone wants to try the game out here is my referral link :


Thank you guys and if you read till here have an amazing new year, see you in 2021 <3 

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