When you have your Steem and HIVE tokens but can’t still convert it to money - SUCKS!!

When you have your Steem and HIVE tokens but can’t still convert it to money - SUCKS!!

By Greenchic | Investing and Trading | 29 May 2020


hive steem crypto

My Steem could not be liquidated for kitten Crypta’s expenses

kitten crypta and cat Mochu

Crypta and White Cat Mochu in the photo

As things were busy at my end in getting kitten Crypta more ready to be adopted, I encountered hurdles for money): . I needed money for kitty’s first vaccinations and litter, but I found that most exchanges have disabled withdrawals for Steem, which was pretty inconvenient.

steem crypto

Soon I got to know the reason why exchanges disabled deposit and withdrawal options for Steem - it was all related to the controversial Steem hard fork that happened on 20 May, Steem Hardfork 0.23.

 Sudden hard hitting Steem hostile hardfork news on May 19th

steem crypto

On 19th May, when I logged on to Steempeak there was a big notice about this impending hardfork saying that it was designed for a malicious purpose of seizing 23.6M Steem coins of 65 Steem account holders. These Steem funds would be shifted to an account named @community321, whose owner and details are not revealed.


Crypto Exchanges warned not to support this hard forked version of Steem Blockchain

There were some links given in that big notice for our reference- one was a letter from a legal firm JPB Liberty to crypto exchanges warning them not to implement and run the hard forked, version 0.23 of Steem Blockchain code on their servers, that would make the exchanges an accessory for Steem witnesses to carry out the Steem theft in which case these exchanges would be liable to face civil damages.


Along with this link was a link to a [decrypt news article](https://decrypt.co/29416/steem-network-to-seize-5-million-from-its-own-users) that talked about Steem witnesses carrying out this hardfork to steal Steem funds amounting to 5 million US Dollars of several account holders who were mostly old Steem witnesses who opposed Justin Sun’s Steem Blockchain takeover. Some of these were the original community voted Steem witnesses before Justin Sun succeeded in removing them and voting for puppet witnesses in their place, remember?] Rest one can guess, would be the Steem witnesses that supported the HIVE blockchain hardfork .

Obviously, all these Steem Account holders are taking the legal course of action on all those intentionally involved in the Steem Hardfork 0.23 through assistance of law firm JPB Liberty, who is investigating this hardfork. If this hardfork is not implemented by Crypto Exchanges, then these Steem Account holders can recover their Steem funds, I reckon.


 JUst let me have my Steem for Kitten Crypta - but Alas that was not possible

Although this was unfortunate and I was feeling sad for those account holders, I was really tired of these series of dramas, sprouting up with Steem Blockchain ever since Justin Sun took over Steemit Inc. I was interested in only withdrawing my liquid Steem and getting cash for taking care of kitten Crypta, when to my dismay all exchanges disabled the deposits and withdrawals of Steem (with that warning letter by JPB Liberty , obviously no crypto exchange wants to be sued for supporting a controversial hard fork) .

 Funds for Crypta’s vaccination covered by begging to my pet parent community for support

kitten crypta vaccination

Crypta had her first dose of vaccinations last Thursday

Fortunately, for Crypta’s vaccination I got immediate funds from 2 people when I asked for funds as part of fundraising, for care of stray kitten Crypta. [Kitten Crypta was a cat I found on the flat corridor screeching](https://peakd.com/hive-189742/@mintymile/little-cat-crypta-s-story-lost-kitty-in-a-temporary-home-unwelcomed-by-resident-cats-hive-189742), since it was alone, afraid, hungry and followed me home, I took it up. But I on my own, I am just able to manage food and litter expenses of my [two existing cats](https://peakd.com/pets/@mintymile/enriching-pussycat-times-in-my-daily-life) that readers may be acquainted with - Mochu and Garu and can’t manage Crypta’s expenses involving - vaccination and in a month later spraying, (can’t have kitten Crypta birth kittens when she matures, it will be really hard, trust me!!).

I had asked my brother for money for Crypta and he sent them through paypal, which was taking it’s time to arrive in 3 to 5 days when I needed to vaccinate Crypta like the same day on last Thursday evening(exactly a week back), so I can then put her details for adoption with more positive points of her having been vaccinated and dewormed along with her basic health check up done.

 MY HIVE earnings are at the mercy of Probit Exchange, it’s stuck or lost there!!


steem exchangesNot received my transfered HIVE tokens in the Probit Exchange Wallet yet!!

I tried to encash my HIVE tokens which I withdrew from HIVE and sent to Probit Exchange HIVE wallet . However, it’s been 3 days and I have yet not received my HIVE tokens in that exchange wallet. This issue is not even getting acknowledged by the Probit Exchange support team, who are asking for proof of deposit demanding for the entire screen shot of HIVE wallet page, to prove I am the owner of the account etc.

probit support response when inquired about my HIVE tokens

This was after their first response which said, there was no problem with the blockchain, can see some deposits and withdrawal transactions processed, so if within 24 hrs the tokens don’t arrive, remind them. But all I did was one deposit transaction lately, so obviously this showed how lax they were in checking details, I withdrew HIVE prio to this this last month, so what’s with them claiming that they can see some deposit and withdrawal transactions?, at least specify the correct specifics!!

probit crypto exchange's awful support


I have been told to submit KYC documents, which I did once and it got rejected, when asked what exactly was missing, no specific answer came, instead a unhelpful response was given saying that if I submitted all KYC documents properly then things should pass. Point is I did everything I needed to do for KYC, I got my KYC approved in every other exchange I registered with - Binance, Bittrex and Wazix, only Probit is a problem and they are not specifying what is lacking.

So, well I hope I get those 58 tokens I deposited into the Probit Exchange wallet, that would be really helpful!!

 Could sell my earned BAT tokens in Publishx platform to get cat litter for kitten Crypta

publish0x bat tokens


Finally, I got money to buy litter for kitten Crypta, selling BAT tokens I earned at Publishx. It’s a little sad that to claim my own HIVE tokens I have to submit proof twice to Probit Exchange, mind you it’s money I can use and I earned with a lot of writing and post 3 agonising days and two days of their unhelpful response, I heard and see nothing of my HIVE tokens.

hive wallet

See I transferred HIVE to Probit Exchange but the exchange is not looking into the matter. It's like they are holding my HIVE tokens in hostage until I have my KYC verified!!

Maybe, HIVE and Steem is damn complicated to rely on for liquid money and a centralised exchange like Probit that receives your funds but not acknowledging it sucks big time. I am waiting to post my truthful review of that exchange soon.

For now, suffice to tell that there seems to be no trace of the HIVE tokens I deposited to my Probit Exchange wallet since 3 days .I am in the mercy of those unhelpful Probit Exchange support idiots to confirm that I sent that HIVE transaction, but at their end they have some unaddressed issue and I hope I get my HIVE tokens back.

The good news is I got Kitten Crypta litter with the BAT tokens I earned at PublishX, thank God for it and now my bro’s money for Crypta sent via Palpay has reached as well, so kitten Crypta can eat wet food and stay healthy. (I told him let’s try some blockchain payment stuff but no, Palpal is easier!!)

kitten crypta and cat Mochu

Crypta kitten and White cat Mochu having breakfast

For next month of June, Crypta’s vaccination and Sterilization have to keep funds ready for it, sell my Crypto’s I guess, one’s I invested for capital appreciation and I hope my HIVE tokens at Probit exchange will be safe and accessible to me soon.

Today's response from Probit Exchange Support

Today just checked the Probit Support response, they said, do the KYC documents and then they will check the issue with the coin immediately. I do feel like crying, so if my KYC is approved only they will see to my HIVE tokens deposit issue. Sucks is not? , I thought I can still do transactions without KYC if it’s below limit, this is small amount after all.

probit exchange awful support

So I have to again submit KYC documents, and my photo with recent memo and all the IDs I have to blur last 7 digits): anyway, time to conclude…

Baby Meow love from Kitten Crypta!! , she just came on and sat on my lap without my permission, silly kitty(:

kitten crypta



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