Give and Receive Tips In Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Increments - Memo Cash
Give and Receive Tips In Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Increments - Memo Cash

Wanted to give and receive tips with a higher USD-value? This is a social media protocol that let's everyone share their Bitcoin Cash (BCH) according to how much they wanted to share to the content contributor.

Memo is both a protocol and a front-end application. The protocol works by writing transactions to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Client applications can read these transactions to see the activity on the network.

With current social networks, users do not control their data and can have their accounts removed without reason. The blockchain is more than an uncensorable way to send money, it's an uncensorable way to store data. Memo is an experiment leveraging the blockchain's data storing capabilities.

Each action is stored on the blockchain in an OP_RETURN transaction - whether it's posting a memo, following someone, or liking a post. You can also include a tip (it is on-chain after all).


Screenshot from the site itself

I have joined the site last year (April 2018) and check one of my posts which garnered a few cents from the tips!


Basically we'll also start receiving tips from other users who are also active in the site. You will need to fund your BCH wallet for you to give tips.

This interface was shared last year from my steemit post here: Memo Cash Steemit Write - Up!

The site provides really easy to use interface such as only these buttons provided.


If you are interested to post your blogs here as well, visit their website here:

Here, you can:


  • Create a profile
  • Post messages
  • Native tipping
  • Uncensorable
  • Control your private key
  • All using the BCH blockchain

After signing up, Please do not forget to visit my profile link and follow me.



Or simply click this link for my direct profile link.


The site is really cool as well just like Publish0x so try it out!

If you want to send me tips there please do not think twice hahaha! Will be more than happy to guide you how to earn much there. Here is my BCH wallet or let me know if you have already signed up as well.

BCH Legacy Wallet:


Or click this link:



The site uses for the wallet.

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Edited this post after a few minutes:

It's really nice to be back and shared this publish link to people from memo and the admin himself gave me 1000 Satoshi-BCH in tips.


And another one welcomed me back with arms wide open. Hahaha. Grateful for the tips, I will include memo-cash now with my priorities just like Publish0x.


See yah there and here too on publish!


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