Earn Tron (TRX) Passively By Holding Credits On Bankroll

The Trend in Passive Income today.

Everybody wants to earn a cryptocurrency equivalent to real money growing from a satisfactory amount of interest while waiting for the pump of its USD value. I, for one would love to, because this is the best way to earn online without doing anything at all.

Usually the profit we get from the HODL is only the change rate from the time of buying when it was LOW. What if we will get DAILY dividends from actually doing the HODL of a certain currency without doing the daily trades from exchangers? Then it's the best program ever.

First of all, let's dig the basics of this awesome platform I am promoting.

Bankroll Credits is a permissionless system for economic inclusion and helps its community accumulate wealth through active & passive cash flows.

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The cryptocurrency that we are about to HODL here is Tron (TRX).


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Ranked #11 on coinmarketcap.com listing, this digital currency is really promising to hold.

Going back to Bankroll

Credits can be bought or sold and will let you earn dividends passively by doing these activities perpetuated by the Bankroll Network. There would be a 10% transaction fee for each Buy and Sell. Explaining the breakdown for the 10%:

  • 8.0% of every transaction in Credits goes to the dividend pools. These dividends are paid out instantly to our account balance which can be the source of funds that we can use in the future or withdraw at once.
  • 1.0% of deposits are paid to referrals. Another 1.0% are paid to maintenance and promotion. 

Lifetime Dividends - Each Bankroll Credit is secured with a ratio of 1 : 1 per TRX. Players gain the highest dividend pay-outs on the TRON Blockchain all the time, daily and forever! Credits is powered by the entire Bankroll Network.

To start with this program, we would need to have a Tron Browser Extension located in the upper right portion of our browser.


This will serve as your Tron (TRX) wallet. Don't worry for mobile phone / tablet users, there is also an option for you to do this one as well.

Let's now proceed. Please click this link to join the program.


Once we clicked it, it will show that we don't have Tron Extension in our browser so we need to choose whether we are a mobile user or using a PC.


Let's choose one and proceed. Then we will be routed to this page:


Let's click the Add to Chrome button.


Take a look and now there is already a Tron Chrome extension at the upper right portion of my browser. Let's set up a password and nominate a username. Then click Create Account. After clicking this button, please secure the Mnemonic Phrase that the network would provide for security purposes and perform the security check where we will be asked to put the words in proper order the way it was given to us.

Let's now fund our TRX Wallet ID by copying it and pasting it on a notepad. Transfer an amount of TRX to our wallet that we can start rolling to our Bankroll program.


We can always cash out instantly or just HODL the Credits for dividends.

I do have a friend who is also in publish0x named Ankarlie who leads a pooling program for this amazing opportunity. My friends who joined here  already got their principal amount invested returned (ROI=100%). To this point, their daily dividends are already their profits accumulating in their accounts everyday which they can withdraw anytime. I would say Kudos to the ingenuinity of this lady who thought of this activity utilizing the Bankroll program.

I will create my own investment here and will give you updates too.

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