Earn Tron (TRX) By Playing With Your Luck

Earn Tron (TRX) By Playing With Your Luck

If we can earn Tron (TRX) passively by holding "CREDITS" then we can also acquire TRX by playing with your luck.

It's what we call Bankroll Luck. This is a non-profit casino inside the Bankroll Network which lets you earn an amount of Credits while you do all these activities. Credits being HODL will let you earn TRX for quite some time. Since this is a game of chance then please always remember to bet only the amount you can afford to lose. You may just turn your TRX to Credits instead.

I have just recently shared this program here on publish0x. Please check this post as it also gives instructions on how to start earning TRX passively.


Earn Tron (TRX) Passively By Holding Credits On Bankroll

After clicking this one, it will redirect you to another publish0x page to check the instructions on how to start and more information how to earn TRX thru CREDITS.

If you are ready to double your TRX in just a few clicks then let's get into it.

WARNING: This is really RISKY as it holds a 50-50% chance of winning with these settings shown.


The screenshot source is the referral link itself.

This is a default setting just like what we often see in any dice game.

The Bet amount is 20 and we can make it doubled after clicking the "ROLL" Button. Though it is not an absolute 40 Units when we won because the multiplier is not 2.000x so it is just only 38.800 amount given if the result of the roll is favorable to us.

Payout Details:

  • 3% house edge
  • 100% of wins paid as TRX
  • Bankroll credit bonuses: 1% of jackpot on wins
  • 3% loss forgiveness
  • 1% buddy system payout 
  • 3% player donation 
  • 15% house donation, from lost wagers

Again let me remind you to just play the amount you can afford to lose.

CoinGecko Widget provided by publish0x itself.

Thank you so much for the support everyone! Let's continue to rock this program in a good way.

This is the tagline I always use to share this amazing site.

"Earn money while reading posts. Earn more when you write your own."





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