Upland Starting Players Getting Big Perks: Plus; Pointers, Predictions, and Profit Potential


Let's start with the potential profits right out of the bat for players STARTING NOW, in the Upland, Monopoly on steroids, blockchain metaverse game

Collection Properties For Stating Players Now

If you have played monopoly then you understand property collections. In upland you stake a little or a lot in the game to buy real properties, you can sell for 20% usually on up to much much much more in profit. Upland has collection property districts and areas in every city. These are special and valued much higher. they are available now at a great price to new players in Bakersfield and Staten island.

Hottest Cheapest Available Now

Downtown Bakersfield one of the first and the largest recognized official homes of Country Music.
Here is what you will pay for an FSA property, Fair Sale Value, property, only available to new players, who have spent $100 or less in the game. On the left is what you will pay in Downtown Bakersfield for FSA as I write, and what the lowest or average price we found in the area. That would be 5 times the profit, if you start now,, buy it,  and then sell it for what is currently a speculative amount. 

The Downtown area and all collection properties, give you a boost upon completion of the collection and in the overall value of all your property. The number of properties to collect in Downtown Bakersfield is 3. The game currency is called UPX. It is is roughly 1000 UPX per US dollar. Your earnings on property are awarded every 3 hours in the game .In the current available example above, You will if you act now get a similar property for about $7.56 in Downtown and sell for perhaps $35.50. Notice the retail buyer pays slightly above the retail price as a transaction fee. Notice the earnings and boosted earnings expected from this property per month shown on the grey FSA listing..
Still many left in Downtown Bakersfield, for who knows how long.



Map of The Oaks. The whole area is like this now.

There are a few properties in Seven Oaks at Grand Island, a district with a 1.74 boost.
Now on to Staten Island, a recently opened area.Oakland and Staen Island wee the most recent releases before Staten Island and Bakersfield. Staten Island opened about 8-9 days before Bakersfield. Interestingly, the Oakland area was opened just before Staten Island. All FSA and other un-minted properties have been sold there. It is all retail resell trading now.



Lots of properties still available in Tottenville and even more in Great kills. Here are our samples as of this hours publishing and writing. time permitted. Two sample properties and the map for your viewing pleasure. Here is our first prediction you can make at home. Bakersfield which was 8 days after Staten island will likely sell at this pace as well unless many player get in at once. Now on to Great Kills.
Now on to Great Kills on Staten Island.

If you want to find the property price range there, then come on over to Upland and for a few bucks you could find out, own one nifty little, NFT Blockchain property there.



Look for the collection property opportunities to dry up in days, a week or less. Then there will be a scuffle as outlying properties are slowly bought up. As they are, the value of all collection properties will go up over time. After a while in the lower valued collections available now will double,. Prices in higher valued collection areas are doubling and tripling in retail trade now. Prices will be driven down by the upcoming, Upland release of even more properties in a couple of weeks with a Chicago/Cleveland release. If as is likely, these new properties are 75% FSA only. then new players and beginners with less than $100 dollars staked into the game will have a great advantage there, especially with high valued collection FSA properties.. 
Outlying areas will be a scuffle
Because of all the new properties coming on the blockchain, outlying areas and even lower valued collections will be affected. There will be a scuffle to produce 20% or more from the sale in many areas. Even low valued collection areas may not double immediately but over time. 
Once Chicago/Cleveland shake out. perhaps a couple of weeks from release, a more reasonable price floor trade ceiling will form around outlying properties traded by everyone in all the districts. As people eek out 10 and 20 percent plus profit when FSA properties sell off in outlying areas, trade prices will begin to double in collection areas and highly valued collections will easily do much better.
Upland could release another couple of areas two weeks after Chicago/Cleveland, and that would likely keep prices and profits lower, but would not change the market as 4 recent Upland releases back to back have done. There are a lot more players now and soon to be in the game, especially after the Chicago and Cleveland release. Unless Upland releases an area, or areas the size of Texas next, the trading market will likely slow as people spend on new properties, but stabilize and slowly rise with new releases similar and  even bigger than the previous releases..
But with Upland WHO KNOWS. They may just decide to release Texas or something bigger next. In the Upland Metaverse. Anything is possible, Look for building on and buying selling and trading your wares, goods and services on your property, in Upland. Coming Soon.

Check out Upland, a virtual property trading game. If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase.

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