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In Bitcoin We Trust is a place where Bitcoin believers share their ideas about the upcoming revolution. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are also covered in this publication.

Chinese-Style Social Credit System Is Getting Closer to Western Countries – Bitcoin Is Your Way Out

6 Nov 2023 3 minute read 1 comment ssaurel

The name NatWest may mean nothing to you if you don't live in Europe, or more precisely in the UK. However, NatWest, better known by its full name of National Westminster Bank, is a major retail commercial bank in the UK. If NatWest has been in the n...

Take the Time to Analyze Who’s for and Who’s Against Bitcoin, Then You’ll Understand Why Bitcoin Is on the Side of Freedom

3 Nov 2023 4 minute read 17 comments ssaurel

Bitcoin is Freedom. You've read this many times before. It's something I frequently repeat myself. Bitcoin is freedom. Freedom of expression, because no one can confiscate your Bitcoin for arbitrary reasons. Freedom of action, because no one can cens...

Beware of So-Called Bitcoiners Who Claim Victory With the Return of Bitcoin Above $30K.

27 Oct 2023 1 minute read 2 comments ssaurel

Don't be like some so-called Bitcoiners who are claiming victory after seeing Bitcoin break through $35K again in recent days. In recent days, the Bitcoin market has gone from fear to greed. The reason? The fact that SEC approval of a Bitcoin Spot ET...

Bitcoin, Financial Freedom, and Retirement: The Great Misconception to Debunk

26 Oct 2023 3 minute read 4 comments ssaurel

Bitcoin is synonymous with freedom. I often put this idea forward in my writings. Financial freedom, freedom of expression, freedom to act. Once you have the private keys to your Bitcoin, no one can censor you. You're the only one in control of your...

Myth Buster: No, Bitcoin Wealth Is Not Ultra-Concentrated

22 Oct 2023 3 minute read 1 comment ssaurel

Beyond the lies about Bitcoin's allegedly disastrous environmental impact, one criticism against Bitcoin often comes up: that it's too concentrated and in the hands of a minority of people. Fidelity did a remarkable job in September 2023 with its res...

10 Key Takeaways From Fidelity’s Bullish Research Report on Bitcoin.

12 Oct 2023 6 minute read 0 comments ssaurel

The arrival of these financial giants could well be the Trojan horse that accelerates the mass adoption of Bitcoin. Or not ... That's what's at stake for the future! While everyone has been raving for months about the potential arrival of financial g...

America Adds $275B to Its Debt in One Day. Who Will Still Believe the Lies That Bitcoin Is a Danger to the Stability of the Current System?

6 Oct 2023 3 minute read 5 comments ssaurel

On October 3, 2023, the U.S. government added $275B to the U.S. debt. $275B in a single day:   Some will say: that a little more, a little less, doesn't make much difference... It's true that when you look at American debt, $275B doesn't mean a thin...

Time Is Your Best Ally in Understanding Bitcoin. Here Are the 6 Phases You’ll Go Through

30 Sep 2023 3 minute read 3 comments ssaurel

Bitcoin is different. I'm not the one saying this, but the famous Gary “Security” Gensler himself, the head of the SEC. Bitcoin is in a class of its own. So, before you even study the why of Bitcoin, you're going to have a rejection reaction. You'll...

Bitcoin Needs Fewer Influencers and More People Who Let Everyone Awaken to the Why of Bitcoin on Their Own.

28 Sep 2023 1 minute read 0 comments ssaurel

Bitcoin needs fewer influencers and more people who let everyone awaken to the why of Bitcoin on their own. Too many people are trying to tempt you with the prospect of exceptional profits, leading you to believe that Bitcoin is above all a matter of...

The 180-Degree Shift in the Media Narrative on Bitcoin and Its Impact on the Environment Is Anything but a Coincidence.

25 Sep 2023 3 minute read 1 comment ssaurel

Bitcoin is a disaster for the environment! Rest assured, this is not what I think, but these are the type of extremely serious and unfounded accusations that anti-Bitcoin people have been making against Bitcoin for years. Just a few months ago, Green...