Mass Media sees $10B in BTC for MicroStrategy, Michael J. Saylor sees 0.904% of Bitcoin's total supply.

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 22 Feb 2024

Michael J. Saylor brought MicroStrategy into a full Bitcoin strategy in the summer of 2020.

At the time, everyone was astonished. Today, everyone cries genius.

Meanwhile, Michael J. Saylor's position has never changed: he still repeats that Bitcoin is the exit strategy from the current system, which is flawed and not fixable.

By patiently accumulating BTC in DCA mode, MicroStrategy now holds 190,000 BTC:

MicroStrategy's BTC purchases are so numerous that I had to create a website to list them:

Bitcoin DCA like Michael J. Saylor

With the price of Bitcoin still hovering around the $52K mark, Michael J. Saylor was interviewed on television yesterday.

The reporter asks, “You own $10,000,000,000 worth of Bitcoin. When do you sell for profit?

Michael J. Saylor says, “I'll be buying forever”.

This ends up sounding silly. Journalists always ask him the same question about whether he will sell his Bitcoin, but it is clear that Michael J. Saylor has understood the why of Bitcoin and will continue to buy and hold his Bitcoin patiently.

He has no reason to sell his Bitcoin for weak money (paper money).

It is time for the media to shift gears to understand the why of Bitcoin and stop constantly asking the same useless questions.

When they see that MicroStrategy holds the equivalent of $10B worth of BTC, those who don't understand the why of Bitcoin tell themselves that Michael J. Saylor is up +65%. But Michael J. Saylor doesn't see that. Those who understand why Bitcoin exists don't see that.

The perception we have is different when we understand the why of Bitcoin.

What we see is simply that Michael J. Saylor has managed to accumulate 190K BTC. Michael J. Saylor owns 190K BTC out of the 21 million units that will forever be in circulation. Michael J. Saylor is one step closer to his goal of owning 1% of the total Bitcoin supply, whereas he is currently at 0.904%.

And that's the only number that matters because it's the only guarantee you can have: the fact that the Bitcoin supply is hard-capped at 21 million units whatever happens.

There's no point in selling your Bitcoin for US dollars, which are just weak money and will continue to be devalued in the future.

America has over $34T of public debt. The U.S. government is going into debt at breakneck speed, and the Fed will continue to print U.S. dollars out of thin air as if there were no tomorrow.

Yet there will be a tomorrow, and those who have not taken care to shelter the fruits of their labor from the flaws of the current system will end up paying a high price for the excesses of the powerful at the head of the current system.

By owning Bitcoin, you'll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor in the future, because Bitcoin protects you from both monetary inflation and censorship.

For those still struggling to understand why Bitcoin's $52K price is still vastly undervalued, you simply need to get back to basics. What Bitcoin offers you is priceless in a future world of mass surveillance.

The choice is yours.

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