Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. Promoting Sh*tcoins Confirms That the Only Vote Worth Having for 2024 and Beyond Is BITCOIN.

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 21 Mar 2024

Throughout 2023, candidates in America's Democratic and Republican primaries have been trying to ride the Bitcoin wave.

From Vivek Ramaswamy to Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. many of the candidates were demagogues.

Overnight, they presented themselves as defenders of the people in the face of the CBDCs' risks.

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. seemed the most convincing, evoking the liberating power of the Bitcoin revolution for the people.

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. was even invited to Bitcoin conferences to express his point of view.

All the Bitcoiners seemed delighted, but right from the start, I explained that we had to be wary of these demagogues who were aiming to do just one thing with Bitcoin: try to seduce more voters.

Back then, I already explained what I thought was the best vote for 2024 and beyond: Bitcoin.

For 2024 (and Beyond), Vote Bitcoin, Your Best Chance for a Better Future for You and the Many.

Bitcoin enters the American presidential debate. Beware of demagogic politicians who just want to take advantage of Bitcoin.


Voting for Bitcoin means securing the fruits of your labor within the world's most secure decentralized network.

Voting for Bitcoin means voting for a better world in the future. A fairer world that we're trying to build block by block.

To vote for Bitcoin is to vote for a world in which the global reserve currency will not promote endless wars.

Voting for Bitcoin is a no-brainer once you understand why.

My fears and skepticism were confirmed recently when I saw Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. sporting a Sh*tcoin badge while posing with a voter at the end of a rally.

You must beware of these demagogic politicians.

The way forward is Bitcoin. Don't be fooled by those who want to take advantage of Bitcoin to con you.

For 2024 and beyond, only one vote: BITCOIN.

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