The biggest important moves will happen this week on these crypto / BNB & XLM against BTC


From July 4 until today the value of Binance Coin has increased 17% against Bitcoin. Occupying position # 9 in the Coinmarketcap ranking, with a market capitalization of 306,574 BTC and a Volume in the last 24 hours of 24,930 BTC. Today has had a 3.85% increase in price.

The significant resistance level of 0.0019904 sats has interacted this day with the price. Two hours after the current candle closes, a rejection occurred by the bears.

An important point to keep in mind is that the 20-period Triple EMA is above the Double EMA 60, this would mean that in the following days the price will continue with bullish movements, since as you can see in the chart even MACD shows us that bullish movements could continue in the following days

What can we expect in this situation?
As you can see in the chart from May to July a Double Top pattern has formed, a lower bass has not been created than the previous movement, this can cause important bullish movements as it happens to this day, so :

* If the bulls manage to overcome the current resistance level of 0.00199904 sats, this impulse will easily allow it to reach 0.0021652 sats, increasing 9% in the following days.


* In another scenario, the bears can take advantage of the current resistance level, to cause a setback (a correction in the price), this could lead us to that in the following days the price drops to 0.0018993 sats finding a break at 0.0018330 sats .






If you are subscribed to this blog you will know that days ago I predicted that STELLAR would give great profits against Bitcoin. Without a doubt this has given great benefits to all of us who saw a great opportunity in stellar. As you can see in the image I have not made a change, the graph remains with the same past analysis. I explained that between June 30 and July 1 the end of the pullback was coming to give continuity to the next bullish momentum, from the day of my analysis until today an increase of more than 53% of the price of STELLAR has been presented until today leaving good profit margins. If you want to understand the reasons why XLM is doing these movements I leave you the link of the publication in which I talk about the following movements in STELLAR, so if you want to be well informed go check them out.


How will XLM behave in the following days?

A large number of experts announce the start of ALTSEASON, after the pandemic and the strong growth in fintech and online banking.

That is why solid projects have benefited, as is the case of XLM, but as a technical analysis.

Stellar seems to have easily overcome the resistance of 0.00000987 sats since at this moment the price is using it as support. On July 1 Stellar had a market capitalization of $ 1,395,526,475 as of today July 8, 2020 has increased to $ 1,735,983,731, a significant increase without question.

Being objective and leaving optimism aside, sooner or later there will be a price correction, the big shots will make their profit is there where the biggest losers will be those Hand Weeks, or someone who had episodes of FOMO.

Therefore, in the following days we can wait:

*If the bulls continue their rise it is very likely that in the following days the price of XLM will increase another 26% against Bitcoin, reaching 0.00001459 sats per exchange.

*In another scenario, if there is a price correction due to investors feeling overbought, this could cause the price to drop to 0.00000873 sats.




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Crypto adict (Manu VZ)
Crypto adict (Manu VZ)

Hi analyze graphics, and make staking, im a adict crypto and Hodler. I try to keep my faith but I'm looking for more. Not luck just odds.

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Welcome to the most persistent family

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