The biggest important moves will happen this week on these 4 crypto / LINK, MKR,, Stellar...

The biggest important moves will happen this week on these 4 crypto / LINK, MKR,, Stellar...


Hello FAMILY In the 4-hour chart we can see how an H&S pattern has formed, currently the price of LINK against USD is 4.47 USD, the main movement is still bullish, also in this pullback, we can see that the bulls are trying to buy when the price falls, that maintains a healthy downtrend.
At the beginning of the day, the CHAIN ​​LINK price fell below the resistance of 4.52 USD, relying on the H&S pattern theory, there is a probability that the LINK price will drop a little more before meeting the uptrend again. Although the price fell below the immediate support of $ 4.52, the bears have not been able to maintain the lower levels, this suggests that the bulls continue buying in the falls as they anticipate that the positive trend will resume soon.

Therefore, in the following days we will be able to observe that:

The bulls are not allowing the bears to gain ground so they have a well-mounted support at the level of 4.20 USD. In addition, on June 27 the price has already used the 0.5% level of the Fibonacci retracement as support, probably if the bears approach these levels, the bulls with the support of the support will rise

But if the bears take advantage of this setback to push the price even lower in the following days we can see the price decrease to 4.20 USD, if we add to this the DEMA of 60 periods is well above the TEMA 20 + the H&S pattern the Price Could Fall Below $ 4.20 Support Finding Next Stop At $ 4.10





At this time the LINK price is below the support level of 0.00049779 sat, a positive thing is that CHAINLINK used as support the 0.38% level of the Fibonacci retracement.
But as we see in the graph, DEMA 60 is above the 20-period TEMA, this indicates that the price could drop a little more before resuming the uptrend.

For this situation, the bears seem to be prepared and have already used the 0.38% level of the Fibonacci retracement as support, if we add to this that the level of 0.00047117 sat can easily be used as support.

We have already analyzed the price action if we rely on a good indicator, in this case of MACD we can see that MACD chose to be bullish.

So what can we expect to happen in the following days?

If in the following days the bulls cross above the current resistance, the price will rise to 0.00052091 sat

But if the current setback is exploited, the price could drop in the following days to 0.00047837 sat





MAKER presents us with an interesting scenario against USD at the time of writing this, the price of MKR / USD is 445.17 USD, at this moment the price is below the resistance level of 447 USD. Also, as you can see in the chart, after that H&S pattern the MKR value has decreased, but the bulls do not allow it to be easy for the bears as they are buying back on the decline.

DEMA 60 is above the TEMA of 20 periods everything indicates that the price will decrease in the following days

However none of this is any bad news for MKR as the USD locked total is $ 445.1M and continues to rise.
The second place occupant in USD locked according to can give great opportunities in the following days, since the total value lockend support in USD in DeFi is at $ 1.62 B has increased more than 600,000,000 in 15 days

So in the following days

MKR will continue descending in the following days, it could drop to 423 USD until the next stop that would be 400 USD

So both the 400 USD zone and the 358 USD zone is a great entry point, but this is not a financial tip, this is just for you to add to your analysis and choose the one that best suits you and your style




CRO / BTC Coin / Bitcoin

As I said in a previous post the value of Coin has increased by 13%. Without a doubt, CRO continues to show that it is a great project, with its debit card and its application being one of the most interesting things about the project. So the increase in the value of your Coin is not something that surprises since in this type of large projects growth is natural
Coin # 9 in the Coinmarketcap ranking has increased its value by 13% in just two days
To this we can add that TEMA 20 is above DEMA 60, this maintains the bullish sentiment.

But we must take into account the resistance level of 0.00001367 sat since at the time of writing this an opposition from the bears has appeared it seems that it will be very easy for the bulls to cross that resistance

Therefore, in the following days we can expect that CRO if it successfully crosses the resistance mentioned above, then the value of CRO will continue to rise against Bitcoin. 0.00001372 sat is the current price, in the following days it could go up to 0.00001447 sat

CRO will present interesting movements to talk about in the following days

If there is a price correction and a setback is formed from the resistance of 0.00001367 sat the price in the following days could drop to 0.00001367 sat finding a stop at 0.00001315 sat







Stellar with a market capitalization of $ 1,305,421,878 USD located at # 14 position in the Coinmarketcap ranking and a volume of $ 277,113,159 in the last 24 hours.
As of this writing 11:25 UTC the STELLAR price against Bitcoin is 0.00000704 sat
* The main trend is bearish as well as the secondary trend (we recommend that we can also take opportunities from bearish movements)

In the case of STELLAR the current momentum is bearish but from June 27 until today the price of STELLAR has reversed trying to cross above the resistance of 0.00000705 sat but the bears are not making it easy for the bulls

If to this we add that the price has not managed to cross above the 0.38% of the Fibonacci retracement (this level can be used as resistance), in addition the DEMA 60 is above the THEME of 20 periods

So in the following days we can see that:
if the price of XLM manages to cross above the current resistance, it is very likely that it will be used in the future as support, which would probably lead to this drop to raise the price to 0.00000728 sat so that in the near future the bears can give it continuity to the bearish momentum

But if the pullback ends below the resistance of 0.00000705 sat the big downside momentum will show up taking the price down to 0.00000679 sat




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Crypto adict (Manu VZ)

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