It's Official: "Steemit is Joining TRON’s Ecosystem"

It's Official: "Steemit is Joining TRON’s Ecosystem"

The news just came out a few minutes ago on cryptopotato and it kinda was expected as both, Ned and Sun, twitted and somehow hinting towards the marriage of Steemit and Tron, recently. A marriage that... it's not that well applauded by many of us.

The largest decentralized blockchain-based social media and popular blogging platform, Steemit, announced in a shared press release with Cryptopotato, a strategic partnership with the TRON foundation.
extract from cryptopotato's article

The partnership seems to be in our favor, according to the ones making it, and we're gonna be merged with the 20 million Tron's foundation members. Yeah right, my childhood dream just became reality now.

The fresh new marriage is announcing its baby already and that's "a new TRON-based STEEM token", that's actually a transition of the old Steem token, and a giveaway of Tron based Steem to existing TRX. Let them all have a share in the Steem pie, so we can all be happy, and let there me as many Steem as Dogecoins...

I don't know how excited are you about the news but mister Sun is happy, and he's clapping, not that natural as Vitalik does but, he does his best. Don't believe me? Here's the proof:

We are very excited to welcome Steemit into the TRON ecosystem. Together we will usher in a new era of decentralized social networking.
Justin Sun, founder of TRON and also CEO of BitTorrent, for cryptopotato

Now my take... Wow, it's really hard to interpret this news. On one hand Steem is getting a well deserved promenade in the news today and some well deserved advertising but on the other hand... Tron, Justin Sun... Meah, I wish McAfee would be buying us instead.

Steem on the other hand has a good market reaction and just passed 30 cents in value. How high will it go it's hard to predict, but if we are now teaming up with TRON at least should be high... What's your take on the news? Any excitement, reactions, whatsoever?

Here you have the whole news if you don't believe me:

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