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Welcome back again at my blog "How to gain a million satoshis for free".

In this post I will be talking about small apps you can play on your smart phone or tablet in order to gain some cryptos, and which really pay you out.

For this, I will summarize two families of apps: Bitcoin Aliens and Bling.



Bitcoin Aliens family:

In the past being more extensive, this family now exists of 4 apps in which you can earn some cryptos: two for Bitcoin, one for Litecoin and one for Bitcoin Cash.
The two smallest apps, and actually the ones being a game, are Alien Run and Blockchain Game. In the first game you try to run through several parcours with your alien character in order to earn some Bitcoin satoshis, while in Blockchain Game you try to build a such high as possible tower while the building blocks keep going faster on your screen.



I myself tried these two games for a while, but found it not rewarding enough for the hardness of the game and the time I invested in it. But its up to you to decide it for yourself if it's worth it or not (or maybe I'm not such a good gamer).

On the other hand, the two other apps are what I find the easiest and most rewarding, namely Free Bitcoin Cash and Free Litecoin. As the name suggests, they respectively let your earn Bitcoin Cash and Litcoin satoshis. Once every hour you get two shots in their "roller lotery".

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During each "roll" you start in the lowest of three tiers. The place where the roller stops, is the amount of satoshis you can win. If by chance, you end up on the BitcoinCash or Litecoin symbol, you go up to tier two with higher amounts of satoshis, and maybe even to the highest tier with a shot to win 100,000 satoshis (0.5% chance). Like I said before, you initially get two rolls each hour. However, if you are unhappy of the amount of satoshis you have rolled and want roll again, you first have to watch and add, after which you can again roll two or three times. Still unhappy? Watch another add and get again extra rolls. If you have gotten to the highest tier, you can't get to reroll and immediately get the satoshis on your account.

Every Tuesday the app looks if you have gathered 100,000 Litecoin of 10,000 Bitcoin Cash satoshis so far. If so, it will automatically perform a payout to the wallet address you have entered. I already got several payments, so I can guarantee you that they pay out.

Besides the roller game, they offer extra possibilities to earn extra satoshis, like filling in surveys, downloading other apps or installing other games and playing them for a certain amount of minutes.


Bling family:


The second set of game apps that really pay out is that of the Bling family. This is a set of 4 game apps, each with a different gameplay, in which you can earn Bitcoin satoshis: Bitcoin Pop, Bitcoin Blocks, Bitcoin Blast and Bitcoin Food Fight.
In each game you first have to register yourself. After that, you can play the game 15 times during a set of time (I believe every 12 hours, but are not certain, since I haven't investigated that in detail). During each try of each game you earn Bling points, whether you win or lose the level. At this moment (January 2021) every 1000 Bling points equal 1 satoshi. Since every game gives 1000-5000 bling points, and you get 15 shots in each of the 4 games, it averages at ~150 satoshis each full round. Every 7 days you can request a payout of all gathered satoshis, so that would be about 1000 satoshis if you fully engage yourself.

However, there are 3 important things you must take regard of:
1) Before playing a game you MUST look at an add of 20-30 seconds. So, it is time consuming.
2) They only pay out on a Coinbase wallet, so be sure to have one.
3) Use for every app the same way and the same user to subscribe yourself, or you could end up not claiming all your earned satoshis. This is something I underwent after installing two apps on my smartphone and registering with my Google account and two on my tablet registering with just my email. When claiming the coins on my tablet towards the same Coinbase wallet, it gave an error that it was already in use (by my smartphone).


Pro's and cons:

The Bitcoin Aliens family has the easiest apps for earning some extra cryptos, and don't consume to much time. The payout is rather small, but can be done to any wallet possible.

The Bling family can earn yourself some decent amount of Bitcoin satoshis every week, but consumes much more time since you have to watch adds between every play. And they only payout to Coinbase wallets.

Nevertheless, these apps really pay out, and if you like playing games as much as collecting cryptos, it is a certain win-win situation.


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Much fun and till next post. And remember: faucets won't make you rich overnight, but patience and endurance will reward you in the end.


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How to gain a million satoshis for free
How to gain a million satoshis for free

In this blog I will give an overview of what the best faucets currently are to obtain small amounts of cryptos for free, summarizing each with their own pro's and con's. It certainly isn't a guide for the fastest way to gain a million satoshis, but gives the best risk-free possibilities from which you can choose.

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