Exit CoinPot family - reformed BTC Spinner

Exit CoinPot family - reformed BTC Spinner

Introduction to this blog

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and all other cryptos. Ever since they were created in 2009, people had a love/hate affair with them. And now, with the recent big revival after the Bitcoin crash of 2018, it's all the more present. Some people try to get rich quick, while others instantly turn off their television each time Bitcoin gets mentioned in the news. It certainly is possible to gain large profits in short time with buying and selling cryptos, but just like shares, it still holds the risk of loosing all your invested money if you don't have the proper knowledge and sources of knowing how to react at the course fluctuations. Also, not everybody has the capital to invest, nor the time to follow the trends, so many people keep their back turned towards the cryptomarket.

But luckily there are ways to gain your own small amounts of cryptos in an absolutely free way. (Technically spoken it is not absolutely free, cause you need to buy a computer/smartphone, an internet connection, and electricity, but since you are reading this post, you must have them already). What I'm talking about are faucets. These will give you a small amount of coins for performing small tasks, like visiting their site, watching adds or videos, filling in surveys, and so on. One faucet claim often is not more than a handful of coins only worth one-hunderdth or one-thousandth of a cent, but by repeatedly performing those tasks the small amounts can grow to some significantly pocket money. And if you keep hold on them and the courses of the coins would suddenly increase, the pocket change can be worth several hunderds or thousands of dollars in the end. For example: to have 1 dollar now, you need to collect 2800 Bitcoin satoshis. If you succeed in that, but decides not to exchange the coins, and Bitcoin would hypothetically rise to a value of 1 million dollar, those same free coins will be worth 28 dollars. So what would that be if you could collect 1 million satoshis!!!

Keep in mind, collecting those coins takes some time and effort to fulfill those repeating tasks, but if you have some spare time anyways, you could spend it on collecting faucets. And with this I will try to help you as much as I can. All following posts will contain overviews of many different faucet sites that give you the easiest or the highest payments.



CoinPot family

Normally I would have started this first post with the first faucet site I subscribed myself, namely CoinPot and its related Moon sites. But unfortunatelly last saturday (1/16) they sadly announced their activities will stop in February. I myself find this very saddening since it was a very decent, well-build site with a rather unique concept of claiming. It had five coins you could gather and convert to another, along with a lottery, a multipier game and user tasks that gave extra bonusses.

Due to a lack of time, the creators are gonna be pulling out the plug soon, but will remain in the crypto business for their next projects.
So... farewell thee, good luck and till another time.



BTC Spinner

Another rather unique concept is the BTC spinner faucet, which involves gathering Bitcoin satoshis by means of a fidget spinner. Here you could gather satoshis by rapidly spinning the fidget by swiping it on your smartphone of sliding the mouse on PC. With each rotation you obtain a very small amount of satoshis, so the faster you can spin it, the more RPM you get, and the more you earn in the same amount of time.

However, recently the faucet owners decided to step off of this method, since more and more people started to use autoclicker codes that enabled them to reach very high RPMs even on non-active windows, cheating their way into a constant high income of satoshis. Therefor, the owners "downgraded" the faucet rewarding method into a simpler 3-ways click-and-collect + lottery system, keeping the fidget as a symbolic memorandum.




Each hour you get the opportunity to get 3 free lottery tickets. If desired, one can buy extra tickets, paying 1 satoshi for each ticket. The total price pool amounts as much satoshis as there are participating tickets. The winner gets half of the price pool, the second in line gets a quarter, the third gets one-eigth, and so on  until 10 winners are declared.



Instant faucet:

Also each hour you can claim the instant faucet, consisting of 1 satoshi, 1 free lottery ticket, and 3 spins on the fidget Spinner Game. Nothing more, nothing less.



Spinner Game:

All the spins you collected in the Instant Faucet, can be used to win extra tickets, spins or even direct satoshis depending of the number the fidget produces. The chances to obtain directly satoshis are slim, but like every lottery, if you keep on playing, one day you will win.


Pro's and con's:

Due to the shutdown of the fidget function, the BTC Spinner faucet has lost most of its unique charm, becoming a "thirtheen in a dozen" collect faucet. And if you once in a while don't have luck with the Spinner Game or Lottery, collecting enough satoshis to exceed the withdrawal limit (10,000 satoshi), is gonna take some time knowing you get just 1 satoshi at the instant faucet.
But since the site doesn't use annoying pop-up adds or captcha's, getting your free lottery tickets, instant faucet and spins is very fast, taking less than half a minute. Short enough to do it in between other faucet-collecting activities.

So if your interested in this faucet, you can reach it with the following link.


Much fun and till next post. And remember: faucets won't make you rich overnight, but patience and endurance will reward you in the end.

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How to gain a million satoshis for free
How to gain a million satoshis for free

In this blog I will give an overview of what the best faucets currently are to obtain small amounts of cryptos for free, summarizing each with their own pro's and con's. It certainly isn't a guide for the fastest way to gain a million satoshis, but gives the best risk-free possibilities from which you can choose.

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