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In this post I will be talking about the faucets based on a roller system (or lottery system if you prefer that term). Every hour one can "roll" for a number, and get a reward depending on that number, hoping for the jackpot. Most of the times (>98,5%) you get the smallest reward, but if lucky, you can win an amount of cryptos equal in value of a couple of hundreds of dollars.

There exist two large families of related faucets that use the roller system, each having a roller for several different cryptos.


fd246212eeb31232d2406dc10afabd246a7aedd5528411102db4e78c141159fa.jpg family:

This family is the largest of the two, having no less that 14 different rollers for just as many different cryptos. These include Bitcoin, NEM, Cardano, Steam, Tether, USDCoin, Binance Coin, Ethereum, Tron, Dash, Ripple, NEO, Litecoin and LINK.

Each hour you get a chance to roll, obtaining a number between 0 and 10,000. Most of the time you obtain the smallest payout of coins equivalent with a value of $0.0003 (exceptions: Bitcoin has $0.0006 and NEO has $0.001 as smallest payout). This means with each roll the amount of coins can somewhat differs depending on changes in the coin value in comparison with the previous rolls.
If lucky (1.15% chance), one can obtain a higher payout, reaching up to $300.


c451c38a1aedb36c494f5013b0651fbba5224123c425f6d3cbd62ccc8651c00e.jpg family:

The second family has 4 roller faucets: FreeBitcoin, FreeLitecoin, FreeEthereum and FreeDogeon. In the first three you can roll for the respective crypto, but the last one is somewhat different. Though it is definitely outing itself as the Dogecoin roller, when rolling you will actually roll for one of eight possible cryptos it represents (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, USDCoin, HT, LEO, Binance Coin or Dogecoin).

Compared to the family the lowest payout amounts double. On the other hand the highest payout is lower (~$200).

The largest difference with the family lies in the extra features the familiy has. Besides the roller, you can try to multiply (or lose) your payout in a Hi-Lo game, you can enter the lottery, participate in sport bets, and many more. They also have a savings function in which you can earn 8% annual interest when keeping a (very) high amount of crypto on the site in stead of withdrawing them.
And as an bonus the faucet itself sends every day a mail with an invitation for a free spin in their Daily Jackpot.


Pro's and cons:

The low payouts make the rollers a slow way to gain enough coins to pass the withdrawal limit quickly. If you are unlucky and always roll the lowest payout, it can take between 800 to 22,000 rolls to reach the withdrawal limit depending on the type of crypto.
But since the roller mechanism is very easy and consumes hardly any time, you can pass all 18 rollers in just 1-2 minutes. I myself combine it with the BTC-spinner (see my previous post), since it similar to a roller, and all can be done in one go.


So if you got interested in these faucets, I have summarized them in the following links: family:

Bitcoin   NEM   Cardano   Steam   Tether   USDCoin   Binance Coin   Ethereum   Tron   Dash   Ripple   NEO   Litecoin   LINK family:

Bitcoin   Litecoin   Ethereum   Dogeon


Much fun and till next post. And remember: faucets won't make you rich overnight, but patience and endurance will reward you in the end.

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How to gain a million satoshis for free
How to gain a million satoshis for free

In this blog I will give an overview of what the best faucets currently are to obtain small amounts of cryptos for free, summarizing each with their own pro's and con's. It certainly isn't a guide for the fastest way to gain a million satoshis, but gives the best risk-free possibilities from which you can choose.

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