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Welcome back at my blog "How to gain a million satoshis for free".

In the post of today I will be talking about miner faucets. These are websites that offer you "cloud mining" for free. After registering you get a free bonus, equivalent with the lowest mining rate they offer. You then choose one of the cryptos they offer and start the miner. And there you go, nothing more to it. The counter keeps rising and collecting more free cryptos for you. Onc the withdrawal limit is reached, you can claim the cryptos to your own wallet.

Some of the miners offer bonusses to increase your mining strength. Once an hour or half an hour you login at the miner site, claim the bonus, and increase your mining capacities, allowing to mine more cryptos in the same unit of time.
Some also offer you to reinvest the collected cryptos in exchange for a higher mining strength, though I myself find that this reinvestment can't compete with the collected bonusses, and it would be a waste of the already mined cryptos.




Below I will list the miners I have currently found and are using, along with their link. Since with none of them I have reached the withdrawal limit yet, I can't yet garantee they will actually pay out. But since they don't consume any time (except taking bonusses once in a while if wished) I'll summarize them nonetheless.

With the possibility to obtain bonusses:
CryptoPlace    (bonus every 30 minutes)
Bitland            (bonus every hour)
MinEx              (bonus every hour)

Without the possibility to obtain bonusses:
Blue Magic
Oiblat Mining

Besides these 7 there will certainly be many more sites offering a free mining service. But most of them require that you first deposit inlay money before you can gather the cryptos (for example 99Mining). Though some of these can be legit, there are scams among them. So, please, PLEASE, be careful when doing this. And especially stay away with sites that offer high payback within days: those are very rarely true.


Pro's and cons:

These free mining faucets are quite slow and it can take up to a year or more to collect enough cryptos to reach the withdrawal limit. Obtaining mining bonusses does increase your mining strength, but even so it will take a long time to have enough cryptos. So you have to see it as a long term gain.

Nevertheless, since you have hardly any to no time consumption, it is one of the most passive ways of income. And should they don't pay out after reaching the withdrawal limit, it's no real loss cause you haven't spent any time on it. Just look once a month to see how much is mined and how far away you still are from the withdrawal limit and that's all.

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How to gain a million satoshis for free
How to gain a million satoshis for free

In this blog I will give an overview of what the best faucets currently are to obtain small amounts of cryptos for free, summarizing each with their own pro's and con's. It certainly isn't a guide for the fastest way to gain a million satoshis, but gives the best risk-free possibilities from which you can choose.

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