Hive vs Steem | Which is better? | Market Analysis
steemit vs hive

Hive vs Steem | Which is better? | Market Analysis

By Hooked2TheChain | hooked2thechain | 14 May 2020

Here is an analysis of the relative difference in price movement, volume and market caps of Hive and Steem. Check out my video analyzing the two below:

I'm a big fan of Publish0x as you might have guessed from my "Publish vs Steemit" article from a few days ago. I like that this platform is better suited for timeless content and rewards writers more fairly and evenly.

As you can read about in my first blog post here, I recently decided to become a full time crypto content creator. It's going to be a long uphill battle before I can cover my living expenses so I'm looking for as many avenues as possible to generate money from. 

As well as Publish0x, I post both on Hive and Steemit so I wanted to do an analysis of the two based on statistics from Coinmarketcap as well as their short price histories.

It's still early days for Hive so we shouldn't get too excited. Still, the numbers are telling a better story for Hive than they are for Steem:

  • On Coinmarketcap, Hive is in 62nd place while Steem is down at 79th place
  • Hive has significantly more volume over the past three weeks
  • Hive and Steem price are quite correlated although Hive is doing slightly better compared to Steem during the past several days

Are you guys active on any other platforms? What do you like or not like about Hive? If by some chance you prefer Steem, I'd be very curious to hear why!

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