Publish0x vs Steemit | Which Should You Choose? | Key Differences
Publish0x vs Steemit

Publish0x vs Steemit | Which Should You Choose? | Key Differences

By Hooked2TheChain | hooked2thechain | 11 May 2020

Key differences between Publish0x and Steemit

I first started blogging about cryptocurrency 3 years ago on Steemit, long before Publish0x existed. At the time it was the one and only decentralized platform where I could immediately start earning money.  I lost hope for a while but was impressed to come back to a more diverse and robust blockchain online publishing community. I learned about them through reviews of social media blockchains by crypto content creator Scott Cunningham.

My first question was naturally, "What is the difference between Publish0x and Steemit? Feel free to watch this video I recorded covering the content in this article:

For how long can you earn rewards for your work?

Among all the differences which I came across when researching the topic online, there is one that stands out. It stands out mostly because I read several reviews which didn't even mention it or just glossed over it as if it was a minor difference. That difference is that Publish0x provides much stronger incentives for creating timeless content

The reason for this is that Steemit only enables users to upvote a post within 7 days of publishing it. So if you spent hours and hours writing extensive reviews as I sometimes did, you have little incentive to link to that content after this 7 day period. What this means is that Steemit ends up having many more "recent news" types of posts as opposed to timeless classics. The founders suggest that this should encourage people to post more often since their content can only generate revenues for 7 days.

That's why I was delighted to hear that Publish0x allows users to tip content creators for their articles indefinitely. I spend all day every day in crypto communities on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. So if I write a post which will still be relevant weeks or months from now, I can share that content and expect a small % of those new visitors to register on Publish0x, earning me affiliate income.

I can't stress how much I LOVE this feature. It was one of the most annoying things about posting on Steemit for me. I'm so much more motivated to write great content now!

Which cryptocurrencies are each platform dependent on?

This marks another important difference in how the Steemit/Hive and Publish0x platforms were created and how they work. Unlike Steemit which relies on the Steem token to function, Publish0x has no inherent cryptocurrency tied to its success, i.e. it is cryptocurrency agnostic.

What this means is that Publish0x rewards users in a variety of cryptocurrencies and is not dependent on the success of any individual token for its success.

How does each platform reward curators and referrals?

Steemit incentivizes users to resteem great content which they have upvoted because Steemit users get a small % (in the form of Steem) of future upvotes for that article. The downside to this is that once an author has acquired a following with some good posts, their new posts will get upvoted regardless of whether or not the content is good. This has led to some authors gaming the sytem by writing mediocre content, knowing that many bots and users will upvote their post immediately without reading it just because they know others will upvote it after them.

Publish0x has a different way of rewarding curators. This method involves getting a percentage of the tips earned for an article which someone else reads because of you. Let me illustrate this with an example.

Say you're browsing through Publish0x and you come across a well written and informative article. You then add your referral link to the end of the article's URL and post it on other social media or messaging platforms for others to read. When someone else reads the article and tips it, you get 5% of their tip on that one article. This does require that the reader of the article signs up but if they do, you also get 5% of all the future tips that new user gives out for all future articles they read.

What type of content does each platform attract?

Have a look at the screenshots of the homepage of each platform:

Steemit homepage

steemit blog homepage

Publish0x homepage

Publish0x homepage

Notice how Steemit is structured more like a social media platform whereas Publish0x is structured like a news site. True to the name, the Publish0x site is more geared towards publishing articles like you might see on Cointelegraph whereas Steemit is more geared towards posting content which you might post on Facebook.

How does each platform deal with bots?

Steemit unfortunately suffers from bots which auto upvote posts from whales as soon as they post their content, knowing that they can get a return on their investment. This means that many Steemit "users" upvote posts without even reading them. These are mostly posts from Steemit whales meaning that even if these whales post mediocre or bad content, they will get upvoted by the bots.

Publish0x does not allow the use of bots and reserves the right to ban accounts in order to enforce that as well as for the purpose of preventing plagiarism. This takes away from the decentralization but I personally prefer a platform which has at least some minimal form of moderation. It creates a better user experience. 

What statistics can you see for your posts on each platform?

My dream is to spread the word and educate as many as possible about the value of the upcoming decentralized revolution which is why I post my content on many platforms. However, I have only just started and immediately I notice a huge difference between the information on my "published posts" page when comparing Steemit to Publish0x.

Which of the following pictures showing my published posts on each platform do you find more encouraging and informative?

Steemit Published Posts Page

Publish0x vs Steemit

Publish0x Published Posts Page

Publish0x vs Steemit Published Posts page


I'm not expecting to earn much on my first posts but it is very encouraging to see the number of views for my articles on Publish0x. It helps me get a gauge on how many people are interested in my content vs which content on Steemit happened to get voted on by some whale. For new content creators who can't expect to get a lot of tips or upvotes at first, Publish0x offers more information on which posts are performing well.

In addition, Publish0x has an active ambassadors & authors telegram community in which you get get tips on how to improve your post. I even got tips from them for improvements on this post!

That's it, no more?

There are of course several other differences between the platforms but these are the ones that stand out the most for me. I know I'm biased towards Publish0x but I really struggle to see the allure of Steemit with the above mentioned superior features which Publish0x boasts. And let's not even get into the fact that a major Steem stakeholder by the name of Dan Hensley accused TRON founder Justin Sun of attempting to bribe him with money, power and users. 

Have you published on both platforms? What about other platforms? What other differences have you noticed?

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