My YouTube Adventure - How Is My Channel Doing 50 Days After the First Video?

My YouTube Adventure - How Is My Channel Doing 50 Days After the First Video?

Hello good people of Publish0x,

first of all: Thank you very much for your support. I appreciate every single follower on this platform. Thank you for reading my articles. Thank you for commenting and of course, I appreciate every single tip. And thank you for considering visiting my YouTube channel.

As some of you might know

I work as a fitness class instructor 

and with a certain virus changing everything this year, I haven't been allowed -- and I'm still not allowed -- to give in-person classes to the extent that I used to. Long story short: I started live-streaming my fitness classes and ended up as an aspiring/struggling fitness YouTuber.

Starting a YouTube channel in 2020 is like 

eating glass

-- an expression that you might have heard before -- for instance from entrepreneurs.

To sum up my experience:

You try to give something away for free. Something that you spent a lot of time, money and effort to create -- and it seems that almost nobody cares.

I get hardly any views at all. It is quite demotivating as you can probably imagine.

On the bright side, I met some amazing people on this platform who actually do watch my videos and I am extremely grateful for it.

So, this post is an attempt of reaching even more amazing people.

The flow of videos has been rather slow lately.

Here is why: Ever since I started editing the videos in order to improve their "watchability", the time required to publish a video increased significantly. Real life and working got in the way, too. I have one video in the making -- the filming is done, but I still need to edit it -- and I had to cancel filming another one, because it was raining too much on that day. So, the weather and the shorter days were also getting in the way.

Real life and working got in the way.

I have landed an additional job -- I started working with children for 2 to 4 hours per week -- and my second sport employment is back for the coming 6 weeks (starting this week). That is why I will not be uploading a lot of new videos to YouTube, unfortunately. 🙈 What is even more unfortunate, is that I am not allowed to record and subsequently publish the live-streams that I have to do for my employers anyway. Otherwise, I would easily have four videos per week for my channel. But on the other hand, who would watch that many videos? That's why I am trying to focus on quality rather than quantity.

To sum up my employments: At the moment, I instruct fitness classes for adults four times a week and once or twice a week for children. On the weekends, I work another physically taxing job. I am working pretty much all of Saturdays and most of Sundays.

I will try to find the time to upload one workout per week at least, but I cannot guarantee that.

But stay tuned.

At the latest, I will start publishing videos more frequently after those 6 weeks -- I hope. 😅

If you are interested in having a look at my YouTube channel, here is the link.

I publish two types of workout videos: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes and bodyweight-fitness classes -- a program that I call Bodyworkout.  

Additionally, I create playlists from no-copyright (or at least free-to-use) songs and occasionally, I edit individual songs as well. I usually speed the songs up to my liking or create longer versions if I find the song too short for the intended exercises. 

How is the channel doing?

From July, 20th on, I published a total of 23 videos:

  • 11 Bodyworkout videos of about 75 minutes each. (Plus an additional video, because I accidentally split the first video in 2 parts.)
  • 4 HIIT workout videos of about 60 minutes each.
  • 3 workout music playlists of about 50 minutes each.
  • 4 edited songs of about 4 minutes each.

I estimate that I spent about 500 hours on YouTube and related activities: Filming, testing and buying equipment, fiddling with streaming software, searching for no-copyright music, compiling playlists, audio and video editing, promoting my channel and so on.

Let's see how well the videos have been doing...


Well, the latest video was not really a hit. YouTube always compares your latest upload to the 9 most recent videos before it. And my latest was my worst performing... As a result, the YouTube algorithm was probably not very happy with me and didn't bother to promote my other videos...

Let's see how close we are to monetizing the channel and making some ad revenue money:


Ok, not super close... I have to admit, I knew that reaching 1000 subscribers wouldn't be easy. I had about 230 participants in my biggest in-person class. About 160 in my second biggest with a lot of overlap to the first. My two other fitness classes were much smaller and had 16 participants each with little overlap between the two classes. Unfortunately, I did not have any possibility to reach all those past participants. But word of mouth surely would reach most of them, I thought... Well, 50 days later it is safe to say: It hasn't happened yet... But I expecting to blow past 100 within a couple of days... Well, it is not 2010 any more. By now, it seems that everybody and their mom has a YouTube channel. 

While I expected the 1000 subscribers to be a hurdle I might struggle to reach, I expected that the 4000 watch hours within 12 months would be easy. Considering the length of my videos. And 4000 hours of YouTube videos, that's basically my monthly YouTube consumption. ;) If nothing else works, I could watch my own videos. That's what I thought before I realized that YouTube isn't counting the time if I watch my own videos...  😬

Let's have a look at how well the channel did over time and how well each individual video is doing:


Remember the part about eating glass I mentioned earlier? That's basically a chart illustrating "eating glass".


I would say there is room for improvement. And that's the part where I count on you, dear reader. I would appreciate it a lot if you would consider listening to one of my music playlists or if you would even consider watching and possibly following along a workout video. I instruct the workouts in German, but you will also be able to follow along if you don't speak the language. 

Thank you so much for your time and your consideration! I hope this post has at least been entertaining to read. For me, it was therapy to write it. 😅


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