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Value Added Analysis!!! Return to Sugarfix's wallet YAY!!!!

Cryptonauts we love ya!!! We were just reading Suerte Panda's latest chucklefest when Sugarfix popped in with a comment - he had an altcoin pop 9x!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!!  Which reminds us to rub some dirt into those cuts ( happens automatically in rugby along with alcohol and nice scars) and GET BACK IN THE GAME!!! 

Sugar meant it too - lookit this bad girl 70ebc4cf740fee6a2f003919484cf038e8460da8a5b4290e2d8854aa9f52eee4.pngTLDR: OMFG!!! LOOKIT that!!!  ah, to $#(@$U with the blue chips!!! 

What all did WE do with our beer money since we last spoke??  When last we tuned in, we left TWO beer money units in what, ICP?  We got in at about $5.17!! and now, today, ICP sits at HEY we made about 8!!  Eight X? no about 8% , ICP is at $5.50.  Not a huge thrill, especially since it was down to $5.02 last week. 

At the time we were aping into ICP, our main main Sugarfix tried his best to tell us.  Lookit how  ALBT popped, he said.  Try GLQ!!  We were trying to go into BONK but could not find an exchange.  Sugarfix said try Hotbit!! 

Did we LISTEN?? of COURSE we didn't, dear readers know we are not that bright.   SO, what if we HAD??  Well, ALBT had just rocked up from .05 on Jan 9th to 0.12 on Jan 15th.  Then, it reiterated the hard lesson - chase the NEXT pop, NOT the last one!! Cuz today, ALBT CRATERED down to 0.004, yah you read that right. But maybe Sugar was saying to JUST look at ALBT.   

What if we listened and went to Hotbit to buy some BONK on Jan 15th ?  That also would have been the SAME lesson.  Bonk jumped 10x plus from Jan 1st to Jan 5th, since then a horrible slide on down.  Going in on Jan 15th hodling to today would have been another loss. 

So, GLQ - HOLY CHIT GLQ GraphLInq why the $##(&$$#(&#$ didn't we listen to Sugarfix???  #$)(*#) @#)$#$ #@)(*#@)($*#)($*$#!!!!!! b2cef15dcece23d9bacd20a95d5941731810aea16bf8a44d0df975a0e0fcda1c.pngTLDR: we couldda woulda shoulda got into GLQ on the 15th around 0.005.    If we held it thru TODAY, it's at 0.02 thats 4x!!!! FOUR X!!!!!   Oh man we might have to go watch the rest of the Superduper bowl and cry ourselves to sleep!! 

Can't move tonight much more cuz tequila and diet coke.   But THAT won't stop us from running back to take another look at Sugar's portfolio in today's wonderful fun fun world of social trading!!  What do we see?? well, y'all might see more as we are blinded by tears but here we go: 99b3e8b04e81492f870d0c222f420d174cbeb14513f36c5939c0c3b2cfdff1de.pngTLDR:  sing it with us WE WANT MICROCAPS!!!! What jumps off the screen - we all know Uni, we know Fantom, XYO wtf is that XYO??? 

Sugar was looking at XYO for a while now, XYO network, data & oracle play.  A terrible one year  print but good looking 90 day one.  

There's LUKSO, Kadena, good old Kucoin.  BNB, e-Radix, Doge, Syntropy.  We don't see AGIX in there so Sugar must have cashed out.  Nexo - THAT ain't gonna pop - and we are getting into dust levels.   man WTF.  

Time for halftime, go Rhi - rhi!!!   We give up.   Lesson - keep a closer eye on Sugar's wallet.  Other than that, we are little help. Fly eagles fly!!! 

Peace out, 



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Dave Sawyer
Dave Sawyer

National Merit got this punk rocker to Oberlin, and Wall Street fintech gave up world tours and an NYU MBA. I am a Bitcoin true believer. Bitcoin is deeply revolutionary in a way we always prayed tech would be. Keep the baby Faith!

Hi, I am Dave, and I just got hooked on crypto !
Hi, I am Dave, and I just got hooked on crypto !

After decades motorcycling in NYC to work on Fintech and play punk rock, I just woke up to Cryptocurrencies and fell in love like never before! Blogging for the hell of it while learning my way through this awesome, deeply revolutionary evolution in money. Join us while we laugh and flip off the central banks and their currency debasing governments! Stack sats to the Moon, Lambo, don't reck, FUD, FOMO, wild wild west, bless Satoshi!

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