Stacking with Atomic Wallet

By ayaya15 | Good-Deals | 8 Jun 2020

What is Atomic Wallet?

Atomic Wallet is a multi-currency wallet that supports more than 300 tokens! The platform also has its own token, which can notably be used as transaction fees, the AWC, and offers you 15 of them when you register for free.

Users can exchange Bitcoins and many other currencies directly from the app as well as a credit card purchase service for cryptocurrencies.

All of these features are presented in a clear and complete interface. There is also no verification of your identity like KYC, registration is anonymous, simply download the application and register.

Currently, Atomic Wallet runs on desktop computers and has an app for Android and iOS devices and you can transfer your assets to a Ledger-like device.


Like many wallets, Atomic generates a seed sentence for your wallet and encrypts the private keys in your device, you must absolutely note and secure this seed sentence.

In addition Atomic Wallet is a decentralized multi-currency crypto wallet which does not hold your private keys which makes it a more secure wallet than centralized online wallets, which are more prone to hacking.


Stacking on Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is more than just a wallet, it also has a cryptocurrency stacking offer that allows you to take full advantage of your assets by being remunerated for holding them.

Many tokens are available for stacking on Atomic Wallet, such as Tezos, ATOM, Tron and many others.


The list is evolving and the rates vary according to tokens from 1% to 10% of income.

Atomic wallet also offers access throughout the year to Airdrops of tokens, literally drops, for this you just need to get on your wallet a certain number of tokens of a particular cryptocurrency and you will automatically receive a quantity of tokens at Airdrop.



AWC sponsorship

When you register Atomic Wallet offers a welcome bonus up to 15 AWC, the bonus represents 10 AWC for your registration and 5 AWC if you followed a referral link.

When you encourage a member of your entourage to join Atomic Wallet, you too will benefit from 5 AWCs offered.

My referral link to have 15 AWC :


Have you ever used Atomic Wallet? What do you think of their stacking offer? Let us know your experience in the comments.



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