$VET, a crypto for the peeled tomatoes!

By Gaia ❤ | Girl on a Hot Tin Crypto | 10 Sep 2021

Often, when I get home I'm tired and don't really want to cook 😪. I try to avoid take-out food to save money and I prefer simple products cooked by myself. I love pasta 😋. Many times my dinner was made up of pasta and some fruit. An ingredient that is never lacking in my home are the peeled tomatoes that I use to cook many varieties of spaghetti.


During my crypto research, i found that one of my favorite Tomato producer use $VET blockchain to improve trasparency, quality and products tracking. (Tweet). Obviously The partnership includes many other food products.

I find all this extraordinary 🤩 as I can learn the history of tomato from when it is produced by the farmer until it is cooked and made "peeled"! For example,my tomato was grown in Capitanata (Foggia, Italy). It was picked up, loaded onto a truck. It crossed the Apennines mountain range and then reached the slopes of the Vesuvius volcano, near Naples, to be then cooked.

Tomato Travel!

So I tried to study $VET and i buy 50$! 🤑


Today it's not a good day for it 😓, -21.70%, but you can look that:

  • The Total Supply is 86,712,634,466 and now are circulating the 74%.
  • The MarketCap is $7,381,100,072 (when i writing $BTC's $855,017,766,888).

When $BTC goes up and Total Supply increases, being $VET a crypto with unique characteristics, including food traceability, its price may explode, obviously this is not financial advice.




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Gaia ❤
Gaia ❤

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Girl on a Hot Tin Crypto
Girl on a Hot Tin Crypto

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