My Favourite coins different from Bitcoin

My Favourite coins different from Bitcoin

By KaloianNT | getfreebitcoins2018 | 6 Oct 2019

Everybody has favorite coins. Of course, you cannot go without the Bitcoin. However, all other coins can be used as well, for some different purposes. I have my own list, of course, and I will share them with you. For example, I use:

  • USD Coin - this is my favorite stable coin. It is guaranteed by Conibase.
  • Dogecoin - this is the best low transaction coin. Its value is really small and it is with decimal places starting from 1, not from 0.00000001 like the other coins.
  • BAT - you know it very well. I love this crypto coin.
  • Electroneum - I am mining on my mobile phone and this is the coin I am paid.
  • Celsius Network - This is where all my crypto is resided currently. This is a special service which pays you APR weekly for holding your crypto there. They are backed up by BitGo.
  • Instar - This is one of my favbourite projects. They pay for making and participating in surveys. Very promising project and really working.
  • Debitum Network - they pay you for lending your money to businesses. DEB is used as a utility token.
  • Coinclaim - This is another service which is very promising and already working on full speed. I have several payouts already with zero investment.


All these coins are nice to have and with stable value. What are yours?

Tell me in the comments.



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