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By KaloianNT | getfreebitcoins2018 | 10 Oct 2019

Hello. I have put together a list of Bitcoin faucets that pay. They won’t make you rich, but I test and monitor my list to make sure they pay. Also there is a comprehensive list of cloud mining sites and some investing opportunities. All of these pay real money and you need zero investment to begin!

Bitcoin Faucets that Pay

Bitcoin faucets work by paying out tiny fractions of a Bitcoin in exchange for loading a page full of ads. Other sites pay Bitcoins for watching videos or doing tasks.

You’ll need a Bitcoin wallet, either a standalone client-side wallet like CoinStats or a cloud-based wallet like Luno or CoinBase.

I’ve been using CoinBase, which makes it really easy and safe to buy, sell, and store digital currency (like Bitcoin). You can sign up now and get $10 of free Bitcoin when you buy or sell at least $100 of digital currency. Claim your invite HERE!

You can also Trade Crypto on the biggest crypto exchange here – Binance or CREX24.


Investment and Accumulation Guide

Step by step guide!

This guide will teach you how to really earn cryptocurrencies from faucets, mining and investment. We have tried to make it as safe and complete as possible but it still can have some flaws and mistakes. The most important is to know that this guide ages, so when it gets older, some sites or links could not work anymore, or they could be just not profitable then. So, use all information in this document on your own risk!

This guide is focused on several master sites, which we will use to accumulate all of our assets and then later transfer to our bank account. So, please if you don’t have accounts there, go and register right away:

The first one and the last one are our MASTER sites. On the first one we will accumulate, on the last one we will cash out USD. The second and the third are the so-called Micro-Wallets. We need them to collect our assets from the faucets and the mining sites and to, most importantly, convert all altcoins to Bitcoins!

Have a look on the table on the next page. These are all the links we will use and we recommend you to also use. You can choose which sites you will use and which not, but some of them are crucial for the fastest assets accumulation. Also, keep in mind that with this guide you can make money with no investment at all, but it will be really slow. If you need to make money fast, you need to invest. We have put here the minimum investment needed for each site and for the purpose of this guide we have used only Cloud Mining sites. There are some investment sites on the Internet which are SCAM and the chance you will lose your money is really great! So, if you want to not be scammed, just stick to the sites in this guide. You can also add some more Faucets for example, but still be careful, as there are also some faucet scams.

The types of sites we will use are:

  • MASTER SITE – This is site, which is obligatory. Without it, it is almost impossible to do the job.
  • Micro-Wallet – This is site, where you can accumulate Bitcoins and Altcoins, as well as convert between the Altcoins and send to your Master Sites (Wallet/Exchange/Bank).
  • PC Miner – This is software with which you can mine altcoins on your home or work computer and being paid in Bitcoins.
  • Crypto Service – This is site, which pays Bitcoins for doing some work, like making referral network, taking part in Airdrops, etc.
  • Mobile Faucet – This is faucet site, which runs on your Android mobile phone as an App.
  • Mobile Miner – This is software with which you can mine altcoins on your Android mobile phone and being paid in Altcoins.
  • Crypto Exchange – This is site, where you can sell some Altcoins and buy Bitcoins or vice versa.
  • Faucet Site – This is site, which pays you in Bitcoins or Altcoins for doing some work, like solving captchas, clicking on advertisements or using your CPU to mine for a minute. These are the core sites you need to use if you start with no investment at all.
  • Cloud Mining – These are sites, where you can purchase Hash power to mine Bitcoins or Altcoins. Basically, you put some money in it, then mining starts, and after some time (3-36 months) you will not only return your initial investment but you will also make profit. These are the core sites you need to use if you can invest real money and want to make profit fast and in the easy way.

Prices of the main cryptocurrencies at the moment of the last update of this guide:


Site links (All are referral links!):

The strategy is described on the next page! What the different Labels in the Table mean?

  • SITE TYPE – These are the sites, described in the previous page. See there for explanation.
  • SITE NAME – This is the name of the site.
  • TRANSFER TO – When you have accumulated the Minimum Payout, you can Withdraw to this Wallet Address Type. The different types of Wallet Addresses are described on the next page below.
  • CRYPTO – This is what is the main cryptocurrency which you earn on the particular site.
  • MIN INVEST – If you need to invest in order to make money, this is the Minimum sum you will need to start. Usually for better results you need more than the minimum. For example, if you need to go faster on Genesis Mining, we recommend you to invest 10x the Minimum. All stated sums are in BTC!
  • MIN PAYOUT – When you reach this sum, you can Withdraw. All stated sums are in the corresponding cryptocurrency!
  • CRYPTO – In this cryptocurrency will you receive your payout. You will need then Exchange or Micro-Wallet to convert to BTC.
  • SITE LINK – This is my REF link to the site. Please use it when you register. You will lose nothing, but I will earn a bonus from the site owners. Thank you!

-- -- Strategy -- --

For the Wallet Addresses you will need at least the following:

 BITCOIN wallets:

  • Coinbase
  • CoinPot

 DOGECOIN wallets:

  • CoinPot

 ETHEREUM wallet:

  • Coinbase

 DASH wallet:

  • CoinPot

 LITECOIN wallets:

  • Coinbase
  • CoinPot


  • Electroneum site

 BITCOIN CASH wallets:

  • Coinbase
  • CoinPot

So, go and register on the Micro-Wallets and on the MASTER SITES. Then, write carefully all the addresses down in an XLS file for your reference! The next step is to link your addresses from CoinPot to FaucetHub.

Done! So, what to do now?

  1. Once you have the Master Site registration, you can use the faucet there.


  1. When you reach 0.00030000 BTC on, they will pay you daily interest! Let say you have 0.05 BTC there. Then the rates will be like these:
  2. You can also use the Multiply BTC game on the site. You can also try your luck on the Jackpots! However, please be careful and don’t lose all your money on the game!




  1. If you have a LinkedIn profile with at least 50 connections, then go and register for the Crypto Service! The tasks are easy and you will get 0.0001 BTC for each completed task. So, each 2 weeks you will reach the Minimum Payout and you can Withdraw!
  2. If you want to use your Android phone, then you can register for the Mobile Faucet and/or for the Mobile Miner. They are easy to use and very convenient.
  3. If you use the Mobile Miner and you reach the 1000 ETN minimum, then just transfer them to the Crypto Exchange. Sell them there for BTC and then transfer the assets to your Master Site.
  4. If you have a computer and want to mine altcoins, then choose one of the PC Miners and go for it! The setup is easy and you can start in no time. You can use also the built-in miner from the CoinPot site or the one from the FaucetHub!


  1. You can start with the Faucet sites with no Just register, setup the Wallet Addresses for the corresponding Transfer and start using them. You can use as much Faucets as you like. A rule of thumb is to claim at least 2 times per day, in order to get the Loyalty bonuses. Once you reach the Minimum Payout, just Withdraw to the corresponding Transfer Service.
  2. All accumulated assets in the Micro-Wallets can be easily converted to Bitcoins or Dogecoins. We recommend using the internal Exchange in FaucetHub and sell all the altcoins. Then just buy Dogecoins on the internal Exchange, because the Minimum Withdrawal is only 10


  1. Once reached, you can transfer to CoinPot. We recommend all altcoins in CoinPot then to be converted to Bitcoins, because the Minimum Withdrawal is then only 0.0001 BTC. Once reached, you can transfer the assets to the Master Site ( There you can accumulate and use the daily interest.


  1. In case you have money to invest immediately, or you have reached the Minimum Investment sum for the Cloud Mining sites, you can start investing there. Currently we recommend Genesis Mining, but as the Minimum Investment is quite high, you can start with the other sites first. The most profitable mining in Genesis Mining at the moment is a 2-years X11 Cloud Mining (Radiant - Limited Offer). You can buy 3000 MH/s of Dash (X11) Hashpower (term: 2 years; maintenance: 0.000029 USD/MHs per day) for less than 100 USD now! Use Promo code REVIEW and you will get 3% discount! Payouts are every day! ROI is only 6 months!


  1. Depending on your investment strategy and goals, you can reinvest the profit, or you can Withdraw immediately when the Minimum Payout is reached. These can be setup in most of the sites.
  2. All earned assets (Bitcoins and Altcoins) finally will accumulate to the MASTER SITES. Once you reach the Minimum Payout of Coinbase, you can sell your Bitcoins there for USD. Then, you need to link and verify your Bank Account to Coinbase. This is done only once! It takes 2 days and costs 30 USD. Now you can safely transfer your USD to your local currency Bank Account!


That’s it!

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