Fire Faucet Short Review

Fire Faucet Short Review

By KaloianNT | getfreebitcoins2018 | 22 Oct 2019

Fire Faucet is one of the best Faucet Sites our there.

This is a Faucet with several features:

  • You can earn by completing daily tasks for extra rewards! These tasks reset every day at midnight UTC.
  • Complete Shortlinks and get rewards.
  • Compltete Offerwalls and get ACP points.
  • Claim from the site Faucet.
  • When you collect all daily tasks you get maximum number of ACP + 100 satoshi


There are also PTC wall and Mining directly in your browser.

ACP is actually Auto Claims credits.

You can Auto Claim BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, ZEC, XMR, DGB, DASH and TRX.

They are all claimed simultaneously and after that you can exchange on the site to BTC or withdraw directly to FaucetHub.

With some efforts you can easily make 2000 satoshi per day.

It is Game-like and you can level-up with rewards from 50 to 250 satoshi per level.

The Support is just brilliant and they are usually responding in up to 1 hours from the ticket submission.

Also you can Refer your friends and earn 20% of all coins claimed by your referrals!

My Personal referral link is:

* Bitcoin cost more then 1 ACP per payout, which is equal to the number of ACP which minimum needed to make 1 BTC satoshi or more.
Decimal value of the payout is saved in our database, whenever it reaches more then 1, it's added to payout during auto claim!

For Example: If 8 ACP = 1.2 BTC Satoshi, then at every 5th payout, 2 Satoshi will be sent instead of just 1.

Personalize how Fire Faucet works for you by tweaking settings mentioned below as per your need.

Payout Boost
You can choose how fast you want to use up your claims. For example, 2x will double the payout and double the ACP cost. Higher boosters are only available for FaucetHub.



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