Earn crypto to play football manager ?

Earn crypto to play football manager ?

By Gamma | Gamma | 7 Apr 2020

Win, trade and sell

Sorare The fantasy football game has just signed an agreement with Juventus Turin, one of the big names in football. Players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Gonzalo Higuain, Paulo Dybala or Blaise Matuidi are therefore available.


In Sorare, each player has a unique card. We can therefore easily imagine that the prices of that of Cristiano Ronaldo quickly reach an important level.

The company announces that it has 38 licensed clubs and that new teams are joining the game each week. Last December, Olympique Lyonnais, LOSC and FC Nantes also joined Sorare.

At the same time as the Sorare team is currently organizing to set up a revival of the current season. With this new event, the title draws a random day among the days played this season and offers budding managers to develop new strategies to acquire the latest players in vogue or even better rewards.





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