TRX And Its Airdrop Candies

By fun2learn | fun2learn | 23 Jul 2020

Two week ago, I started to invest in TRX shortly after joining publishox.

It was joining publishox that led me into installing Atomic Wallet since it is the recommended wallet to get a variety of cryptocurrencies.

After installing Atomic Wallet, I was led to acquire its AWC tokens that has a high interest rate for staking them.

I eventually saw the free airdrop of Just and Wink for those who are holding TRX in the wallet.

Free Airdrop of JST tokens to TRX holders from 20 May 2020 for the next two and a half year.

Just is the token for the new Defi on the Tron Network.

Free Airdrop of Win Tokens to TRX holders from 28 August 2019 to 28 August 2022.

Win tokens are used for the Wink gaming platform.

I also read that we are able to get free airdrop of BTT for holding TRX. This free airdrop starts from 11 February 2019 until 11 February 2025.

Tron acquired BitTorrent on 24 July 2018. It is decentralized file-sharing protocol with a huge user based.

All these airdrops can really attract many of us to hold on to our TRX tokens.

By many of us holding TRX, it may eventually retain a nice value of it to help with its price.


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After finding out more about Tron, I decided to invest in it.

I felt that its partnership with Samsung may just make it big in future and the new Defi on Tron Blockchain may be another possible success since Defi being so popular now after the great sucesss of Compound.

I first knew about Justin Sun when he purchased steemit and I did not have a good impression of him with the different decisions he made on the steem platform.

As an investor, I see potential in TRX with his great vision and active marketing of his Tron Network.

He is seriously linking up with many big business giants that can eventually make this dirt cheap TRX to become something valuable in future in my humble personal opinion.

Everyone is subject in his own opinion but there are many who see this aspect of him and decided to invest in TRX.

The strategy of using free airdrops to encourage TRX holders to hold on to their TRX tokens as well as potential buyers into buying TRX tokens is really a good marketing strategy since I was led into investing in TRX eventually.

Regardless of the future outcome of TRX, every investment has its risk and I am taking this risk for a possible potential of high gain if ever TRX becomes a popular token and overtakes ETH.


Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth.

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