Bloomberg - Buffett’s Dinner Date Clashes With Devotees of Steemit Website

Bloomberg - Buffett’s Dinner Date Clashes With Devotees of Steemit Website

By Vermithrax | Free Speech | 17 Mar 2020

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Bloomberg - Buffett’s Dinner Date Clashes With Devotees of SteemIt Website

Justin Sun:

“My idea here is deescalation and increased communication,”

Well actions speak louder then word and Justin Sun is still buying VEST (more commonly known as Steem Power) to take authoritarian control over the blockchain.

As a free speech advocate I look at this with some satisfaction as the community fights back. We might loose after all but at least we put up a fight.

If gabMinds or MeWe where subjected to a hostile take over like this then there is nothing the community can do. There is no way fight back.

With Steem if push comes to shove then you can hard fork a blockchain resulting in two identical chains. No postings, accounts, token lost. After which both chains can then go their separate ways. And right now it looks like the most likely scenario.

Of course, having just activated authorship of my publish0x account I have one question: Everybody has his (or her) price. What happens to publish0x if someone pays price the owner of publish0x have? Can this chain survive a hostile take over?

Yes, Steem hasn't yet survived the hostile take over but right now I consider blockchain based social media the most censor prove option available. 

Update: The hard fork is going to happen on Friday and the new chain will be called hive.


Only when last man is MGTOW, Incel, Sōshoku Danshi or Hikikomori they will notice that you can't run society without men.

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Free Speech

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