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By Adrian Castaneda | Free_Crypto_News | 17 Jun 2021

Rollercoin allows new crypto adopters to earn free crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin) by playing free and fun arcade games within their platform and/or buying miners using your own mined crypto or using your own money.

If you put it that way, it is easy to understand its popularity and exponential growth. The now 3 year old platform had around 500,000 users 6 months ago. It took Rollercoin two and a half years to get to that number. However, within the last 6 months, that number doubled.

It was less than two weeks ago that I posted about this crypto earning platform, and predicted that it would take less than two weeks for the platform to arrive at the magical number of 1 million users. And yesterday, eleven days after my post, here we are; standing at over 1,005,000 (one million five thousand) subscribers/players.

As I mentioned several days ago, the increasing interest in crypto has attracted more users/players to this free-to-play, free-to-earn, crypto-paying platform. And I predict that the number of players will continue to grow at a fast rate as more people become aware of crypto and continue to realize that this is the future of finance despite the recent crash we experienced about one month ago.



Rollercoin launched an update about two months. As more players are joining and the platform economics become stronger, Rollercoin also increased its Bitcoin and Ethereum block rewards.


Now, with this 1 Million user milestone the platform should be forced to increase its rewards once again in the short term. Or at least, that is what we would expect. The block reward was updated when the platform had around 750,000 users. Now, we have 25% more users. An increase in rewards should be coming before the end of the year or within the next couple of months.



With this milestone reached, the platform has lauched an event which will last 2 weeks (06/16 - 6/30). Three new limited edition miners with increased mining power (compared to usually available miners) have been released to commemorate the 1 million subscribers.


1. The "Rollermillion"


Is the best miner ever offered by Rollercoin with a ratio of 3003 Th/s per RLT spent, a permanent mining power of 1,000,000 Th/s and a cost of 333 RLT. This is the highest mining power ever offered by a single miner.


2. The "Milly"


One of the best miners ever offered by Rollercoin offering a permanent mining power of 70,000 and a ratio of 2121 Th/s per RLT spent. At 33 RTL, the "Milly" is one of the best miners ever offered at an affordable price and the first time Rollercoin offers 70,000 Th/s at such a low price. Which probably makes it the most desirable miner right now and for the following two weeks.


3. The "Milly Mini"


The best miner ever offered at that price range. With a permanent mining power of 25,000 Th/s, a ratio of 1,923 Th/s per RLT spent and a cost of 13 RLT. This is a great option for anyone to start building their mining room as it offers a better ratio than any previously offered miner before the event.

*The highest ratio offered by a miner before this event was "El Monstro" with a ratio of 1,111 Th/s per RLT spent. So, the "Milly Mini" miner is still a great option.*

Because this is a great way to start my mining journey I have decided to get my first miner using reinvested mined crypto and have chosen the "Milly". 


Enjoy the ride and happy mining everyone.



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