Hello guys, My name is Thomas and I am a 28 philosopher/traveller and crypto enthusiast. I will mainly be blogging around a project i am slowly working on which is about building a personal mythology to act as a guide to life, but I will also be blogging about metaphysics, consciousness, science and anti-science ;D Religion, spirituality and much more, including trying to mix crypto and philosophy My blogs are usually light hearted and you don't need a philosophical background to understand.

Short story - A man has a drink and a dance

21 Sep 2022 19 minute read 0 comments forstersphilosophy

Preparing for Friday night down the pub and something was in the air today that made me sure it was going to be a good day. The British sun was out so if there could ever be a day for pigs to fly this would be it. This wasn’t any ordinary Friday nigh...

How to hack reality and have anything you want - Reality Transurfing

8 Sep 2022 9 minute read 0 comments forstersphilosophy

Boi have I got a special one for you all today. This post will just be taken from a thread I made on twitter that blew up a little. Reality transurfing is one of those books that tells you how to get anything you want! Law of attraction type shit. Ex...

A man has a drink and gets angry

10 Aug 2022 10 minute read 4 comments forstersphilosophy

A man has a drink and gets angry.   Finishing my fourth can of beer so as to save some pennies as I head to the pub, I crush the final can and throw it in the bin, but the plastic rings I throw onto the floor in the hope I see a pigeon caught in it...

Phenomenology of Death, Loss, Grief and Healing

12 Jul 2022 5 minute read 0 comments forstersphilosophy

Been putting this post off for a while but finally the sentiment to write it has grabbed me.My best friend recently died. My closest brother for the past 12 year of my life sadly passed away and this has been my first encounter with loosing someone c...

What Realistic Shadow Work looks like

8 Jun 2022 2 minute read 0 comments forstersphilosophy

Realistic shadow work:There's essentially a feeder from your unconscious/subconscious (who cares at the moment) to your consciousness that is trying to get your attention after an event, but you are blocking it and blocking it. These are thoughts com...

How Alchemy eliminated a majority of Racism amongst the Lower classes in Great Britain

7 May 2022 2 minute read 2 comments forstersphilosophy

The integration of particularly black communities with the white lower classes back in the day was in fact done through a cultural alchemy:Black communities often struggled in the early 80's The lower class being predominantly ruled by a very high le...

How we autofill our life around us and heal modern sickness. Nietzsche, Buddhism & Jung

4 May 2022 4 minute read 0 comments forstersphilosophy

Our senses are also hostile and averse to the new; and generally, even in the "simplest" processes of sensation, the emotions DOMINATE—such as fear, love, hatred, and the passive emotion of indolence.— As little as a reader nowadays reads all the sin...

Nietzsche - The death off God was the death off the individual

19 Apr 2022 3 minute read 2 comments forstersphilosophy

Nietzsche   “Here one must think profoundly to the very basis and resist all sentimental weakness: life itself is essentially appropriation, injury, conquest of the strange and weak, suppression, severity, obtrusion of peculiar forms, incorporation,...

Sample off my Thematically philosophic story - A life guide

11 Apr 2022 11 minute read 0 comments forstersphilosophy

I will soon be releasing a NFT magazine focussed around literature, philosophy, spirituality and art to enrich, inspire and be full of lessons to help people in life.Below is a sample of two pages of the story.In italics are the footnotes that are fo...

A short story - Where is she? Part 2

22 Jan 2022 7 minute read 0 comments forstersphilosophy

lost, split into two, an unconscious wanderer guided by dark reflection. A story told a million times, not one in a million but one of a million.But a longing, an ache, a quantum shock guided by protons and neutrons incorrectly charged, forcing notic...