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How Alchemy eliminated a majority of Racism amongst the Lower classes in Great Britain

The integration of particularly black communities with the white lower classes back in the day was in fact done through a cultural alchemy:

Black communities often struggled in the early 80's The lower class being predominantly ruled by a very high level of tribalism found in football culture from the 70's we found that integration was often difficult. While the black community were staring to integrate by the early 80's and football hooliganism and the firms associated with them did start to become more mixed this was often achieved by there being a 'token black guy' who had fully immersed himself in football and pub culture and thus found a lot of common ground.

But something was happening behind the scenes away from the football grounds. Football fans by day found themselves ravers by the night. The British rave scene was popping. Drum and bass had taken over the night-time activities off the individual and groups of music lovers everywhere wanted to help influence the scene with there culture. A perfect example is the Jamaicans

Acid rave, Jungle and other brands of widely cultural influenced music merged perfectly with the uk drum and bass scene

By mixing methylenedioxymethamphetamine into the brains off the music lovers. This cultural integration reached a concrescence

methylenedioxymethamphetamine acted on the serotonin receptors in the brain turning the user into a state of bliss It also had profound effects on  inducing norepinephrine, dopamine and acetylcholine. By combining this with the High Bpm tempo found in drum and bass and the now mixed in cultural overtone of Jamaican Reggae & hip-hop The white lower classes suddenly found a common ground in love of this combined vision of music with their now coloured brethren.

As the alchemy reached a night-time peak all sense of colour was washed away. A shamanic rhythm entered the feet and the minds off the newly formed tribe and a recognition of oneness was found 

Hugs and kisses were exchanged as the new culture danced until sunrise.
Weekend meetups started to become more mixed.
The integrated rave culture was born.
Where in the streets glances that were previously avoided amongst different cultures had now been transformed into passing nod's on Mondays and Tuesdays in remembrance off the blissful weekends spent together. As Wednesday and Thursday arrived overtones of nonchalant smiles accompanied the passing nods. By Friday nods were met with winks of excitement to the night ahead

To see the alchemical effects I would recommend videos such as the below: 

As the pandemic is hopefully behind us now and freedom enters our lives again I find this an important time to reflect.

Could we resurface a similar revolution, a counter culture to the modern problems and division that are ahead of us?
What will our unifying alchemical solution be?
Let us look to our unifying moments in the past, to reorient us to move ahead. 

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