What Realistic Shadow Work looks like

Realistic shadow work:

There's essentially a feeder from your unconscious/subconscious (who cares at the moment) to your consciousness that is trying to get your attention after an event, but you are blocking it and blocking it.
These are thoughts coming into your attention that you cannot get rid of, they loop or present what is essentially the same subject in a different manner

It’s directly linked to the shadow and it's trying to push the energy up to your consciousness so you can attend to the event at hand.
There is literally a part of you saying “Hey! This is wrong! This needs attention!!!

Take my example which was a lack of confidence with girls on an intimate level. The problem is I wouldn't attend to the information (no journaling or shadow work or anima/animus integration) So eventually the energy that is trying to flow upwards to your consciousness gets blocked and so the energy flows back down into ur shadow and grows like a tumour

You say “Ill attend to this later or  “I’ll figure it out in the morning” Or you make up excuses “Everyone gets nervous once in a while” OR even worse you beat yourself up “Fuck im so pathetic i can’t even get laid whats the point”

And then the next time you’re in that situation the trickster function takes ahold of your ego and BOOM “remember the last time you were with that girl and got really nervous and could hardly speak”
BOOM this triggers a nervous system response which brings you right back to that feeling. Then the above repeats

The only way to escape this is to first write that shit down that is trying to get into your head

The, “hey why were you so nervous with that girl” “she definitely fancied you why were you being a pussy”, “What would it be like if you did get past those nerves anyway, you’re so inexperienced”

You’re supposed to write it all down, you don’t have to attend to it yet but when that energy is being pushed up and trying to get through to you you have to get it down before it gets repressed the other way.

Then you can attend to the moments before and after the events, when did the feelings occur, what are the likely psycho-systematic reasons for this. What needs working on, is your anima function lacking i.e do you need to work on more masculine confident traits. How can you integrate that? Are you having a trauma response to something?

Is it the fact your date was somewhere really public and you could feel like people were listening in to your conversation?

All needs analysing, none of this is easy, it's called shadow work for a reason.

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The entire concept is to take these very useful psychological ideas and concepts that are finally coming to the forefront of self-improvement but present them in a more realistic way. I will be doing this by fictionalising the ideas into a relatable story - So that hopefully (like the above) It isn’t just all theory anymore and people can draw from examples as to exactly how they can use these different techniques.

After reading the story I present all the different elements of philosophical and psychological theory that are within.

I do all the hard work so you don't have too

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