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How to hack reality and have anything you want - Reality Transurfing

Boi have I got a special one for you all today. This post will just be taken from a thread I made on twitter that blew up a little.

Reality transurfing is one of those books that tells you how to get anything you want! Law of attraction type shit. Except much more modern and in depth and... I think it works!? Although more testing is needed. Anyway the book is MASSIVE but thankfully I have got the first 15 chapters or so down to a small amount of very important points. Lets check it out,  


What you think, WILL manifest, you cannot change anything about your current lifeline. If you choose to keep battling obstacles you will likely keep battling obstacles You cant change the script, it is fated, but you can choose a complete alternative... (if you are fighting a loosing battle, you will keep fighting a loosing battle)  


PENDULUMS: A pendulum represents a thought structure driven by universal unconscious. You can be under a pendulum e.g. as a slave in a capitalistic system that is destructive. Or at the top of a destructive pendulum like Napoleon or Hitler. If you aren't with a pendulum that you synchronize with it wont be for your benefit.

Pendulums are striving to attract people to increase its swing, it will act aggressively to anyone not with it in an attempt to neutralise or bring them round. Consider big oils pendulum It buys up all alternative patents to engines that do not benefit their selling of oil and deems them unsuccessful. It uses financial power and influence to stay in strength and with the promise of big finances tempts people to join its sway. A pendulum in life acts the same way. It want's you and your attention. It will convince you that all the other pendulums are bad with all its power It's essentially an energy Vampire and they are everywhere.

Align with ones that benefit you. But mostly learn to avoid them To eliminate the pendulum you must let it go, use emptiness. If the pendulum is akin to your boss asking you to do something, you can pretend, "oh yes boss right away" you don’t block the attack and just move with it and then let it go. The energy is then spent in gentle space.

If you must block the pendulum e.g. if you are being attacked by a group of people you can stop the swing by doing something extraordinary & unexpected. If you find yourself in a situation that follows a set script do something surprising, Parody it. (This is akin to banishing in esoteric circles)   The pendulum is swinging with force to find balance.

If a pendulum person approaches you with a problem to solve then picture the problem being solved for them. If they are lacking confidence, picture them in a situation full of confidence and power Your subconscious is linked to the potential energy field that contains the answers to a solution that you seek. Empty urself and allow the knowledge to come to you intuitively. (Solve problems with ur heart, not ur head. Your head is there to realise a pendulum and avoid it, more on this later)  


THE LAW OF BALANCE: Everything tries to find a natural balance, consider if u stand near an edge and experience fear, you feel the law of balance drawing u backwards or away from the edge. Any effort beyond measure will be draining The excess potential will find balance You are placing too much importance in areas in your life, relax your attachment.

Give of your hands give of your head but don't give of your heart. The key is to find balance via positive attraction. Don't wage war with criticism. Free up the energy.  

If something really unfortunate happens remember “this too shall pass”  

We pay for the excess potential we create. The energy of pure intention is all that is required for the object of desire behind this is action with absence of importance. Putting importance on it is to open yourself up to balance and equilibrium. LOWER IMPORTANCE.

Guilt is pure excess potential. As is the idea that you should be rewarded. Balance forces don't recognise the difference. Both will lead to punishment, the purpose of balance is to eliminate the excess potential.

Never kill urself about not having enough money otherwise you will have less and less of it. Start by enjoying and accepting what you have, relax that it is not rolling in. Money accompanies you on the path to your goal, for now reduce the excess potential.  

SLIDES: Create a slide where you see yourself shining with glory, relive it adding details every time. Keep bringing up the slide even if its just in the back of your mind. This is your world and there is nothing in it that is a surprise to you. Visualise in the I AM form, be in the role Visualise the process. Move towards the goal Follow your heart = emotions not thoughts The minds task is in the blocking out of pendulums and allowing the heart to flourish  

GUARDIAN ANGEL: You can contact your angel, visualise it how it best represents to you, ask it for guidance and to show itself to you. Share yourself with your angel. Journal to it. The angel is not effected by the influence of balanced forces. Do not neglect your angel and it will reward you. Thank your Guardian Angel when you are in that flow state. Keep the joy in your heart and give the pride to your angel. Things like pride will open you up to balancing forces but you can expel this by giving it to your angel Journal to your Guardian angel. If you are struggling to follow your heart or find direction ask your Guardian Angel for guidance. Synchronicities will appear, use them.  


FINDING YOUR GOAL: When thinking about your goal reduce inner and outer importance, with outer importance it will seem unattainable, you might be on a pendulums hook. Do not think weather your goal is prestigious, shake it from unattainability, do not think about how to achieve it, only think about how comfortable you would feel if you have reached your goal, do you genuinely feel good about it? Pay attention to your level of inner peace, when the mind makes a decision the heart will react positively or negatively, take note of the feelings the heart makes. If your heart weighs heavy, It's probably not for you. Don' confuse this with nervousness.    


FRAILING How to: Abandon the intention of receiving and replace it with giving and you will receive the very thing you gave up.

Transurfing is about not how to fight problems but how to never come up against them in the first place. Outer intention is difficult to control. You can control its function so that it works irrespective of your will. Work with the inner intention that motivates others Let go of your outer intention, it will help it work towards the inner intention of others.

Use other peoples inner intention to achieve your goals. Do not get in the way of what they want to do. Different interests will clash and the needs of both will not be fulfilled, Find the common ground of inner intention & you will get success.  

Imagine a women who wants to get married. Her energy goes to persuading her partner. pressuring causes excess potential and balance forces will steal her loved one. He loves her! But she transformed the relationship into dependency “If you loved me you would marry me.” For outer intention to work she has to let go of trying to persuade and ask what does he want from a marriage. She should direct her energy in meeting these needs and will thus achieve her own goal (as long as her heart knows that he deserves this.)

When someone is talking to you shift your attention to them. Be attentive, don't play the game of enhancing your self worth Play the game of enhancing others. Don’t try get their favour just go with the flow and you will behave naturally. Allowing another's inner intention to be fulfilled you find you can have long conversations without much talking They will become instantly won over.

Consider Pets, they are just pleased to see us. You can inspire a similar sense of feeling (Don’t jump up at them and lick them.) 

Issuing a challenge: If you need something from someone think how doing what you require of them will increase their sense of self-worth. E.g. "Who among you is the best?" Or "Let’s show them what we are made off" These are appeals to their inner intention.  

FLOW OF RELATIONSHIPS: How to motivate a consumer - You don't say. "buy this it's such a masterpiece“ this is directed by inner importance (it's important to you) Inner intention is aimed at selling.

Outer intention follows - What do they need or want. What motivates them. Influencing the flow of demand takes too much energy, Don’t think what might come into demand next, lots of great inventions take ages to be realised.

Changes in demands are realised in the alternatives flow. It’s no coincidence that new products are realised at the same time. Picture their problems solved or them in their happy situation. If you are sincere it will fill you with joy. They will experience a comforting feeling when around you This will make you more charming because u are disposed to their interest  

COORDINATION - Replacing false confidence (taking pleasure in thinking about the goal as if it has already been reached)

Blind faith gives room to doubt, Coordination does not, Faking confidence or affirming it over and over will just open you up to balanced forces, Instead claim what is already yours Freedom without struggles has no need for confidence A pendulum will use the illusion of confidence to give you support as it strings u along Abandon the battle for self worth "I am empty and so a pendulum cannot hook into me"

Feeling of inner calm comes from not creating inner importance. Don't carry the belief that you are an important person Pendulums take energy from the strings of importance. Emotionally, physically and mentally. But the field of information has skyrocketed. (The internet)  

The pendulum is a game: You lose, get annoyed and give energy, when this happens, wake up remember the game lower importance Don't beat yourself up for loosing to a pendulum Don't set up an ultimatum: "next time this won't happen" You are setting yourself up to be provoked.

Resist the provocation & you gain the energy. Experience this & u experience how the pendulum feels. Have fun with the pendulums & the game

Love the lord God with all your love and all your mind Love your neighbour as you love yourself Follow these and a you wont get hooked

When deciding what to do listen to how the heart reacts not the debate in ur head Once the mind sees the success of following your heart & although it does not understand it will see results are happening & will ease of pestering you

Play the pendulum game but play the rules. Remember it is a game Humorously break the rules by acting inadequately, Hear good news? React overtly with joy so you radiate energy at the wave of vibration of good fortune. Have a go at playing the game in this way. It is fun   If you choose to perceive seemingly negative changes in the script as positive that is what they will be. Sounds insane? Experiment with it. The attitude you express is the attitude you will take with you into the next thought.

GLIDING: Freedom is yours when you end the battle When you end the battle it meets you halfway (abandoning importance) The brain deems anything that does not fit its script a failure Every time you experience a run of bad luck you are missing an opportunity to further good luck.

The idea of “how can you help someone without letting their problems touch you” is a pendulum You can actually help solve someone else's problem by acting with detachment. This is the difference between the absence of importance and the absence of compassion. Emotionally attached to someone else's problem? You are a puppet on a string. Find yourself incapable of walking past a beggar without feeling guilty? You are plagued by duty. Remind yourself you are free & do not owe anyone anything.

Remember, guilt is pure excess potential  

Reality inversion: Turn your relationship with a problem on its head. Laugh at your problems for no reason, you will get the joke later ;)  

There we go. You too can now cheat reality, I actually suggest you go out there and try some of this, you might be surprised.

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